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    [Xbox One] In need of a clan

      Hello all, I'm looking for an Xbox one clan. I've spent days searching this website, and I still haven't found one that really suits me, so I finally decided to make my own topic.

      • Looking for a clan that actually gets together and plays with its members. (I've been in many clans that let you join, play a few rounds with you, and then leave and never talk to you again.)
      • Has an age limit of 13+, I'd say 16+ but I am a few days short of that age. (Not that I really act my age.)
      • Maybe a website? Not to sure about that one, most of the clans I've seen with websites tend to have different "divisions" on other platforms and they're generally spread a bit too thin.

      And, if anyone was wondering, here's my stats, fav. game mode, etc.

      • 1.166 K/D
      • 0.861 W/L (It's pretty shabby, I always seem to get lucky and get the opposing team that all uses SMGs)
      • Played a total of 1d 16h and 42s. (Ghost upsets me, greatly, so I haven't played it as much as I've played BO2)
      • The Ghost app doesn't work for my phone, it always says that my info is invalid even if I change the password a second before I try to type it in.
      • If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm 15, which means I don't have a ton of time to put into this game, I can average 4 or so hours on weekends (that means 4 hours on Sat. and 4 on Sun.), and generally 1 or 2 hours on weekdays. (I might even go over that, but I set the numbers a bit on the low side as a just-in-case type of thing.)
      • I normally play Kill Confirmed, but I'm up to playing Dom, and other objective based game modes. (Never really played Dom because I've never had a reason to, so I'm kind of a newb at it.)
      • I am prestige 1, level 38. (Again, this game frustrates me sometimes, so I don't play as long as I normally would've.)
      • I have a mic, but I think my voice is really, erhm, weird over technology. (I'd like to say its from my Michigan accent)
      • I am also a little clueless about clan wars, and stuff like that, so I might need a little rundown of the basics if I ever do join a clan and I try to participate in one.
      • Twitch/Youtube? I don't have one. (I'd like to, but my real age is set on the X1 so that means I can't stream using the Twitch app, and I doubt my interent would've liked that anyway.)
      • Kontrol Freaks? At the moment, no, although if you ask me that next weekend it'll be a yes.
      • I'm also stuck using the headset that came with the X1, and I don't have the adaptor for any of my other headsets yet.
      • GT is Alphard Sniper


      So this was a mouthful, and kind of went longer than I expected oh well.