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    Call Of Duty: Sniper Fun II

      Hello. This is a huge rant about the amount of "Quickscopers" And "Trickshotters" on this once loved game!


      I love this game so much that I don't play Ghosts because I find it better. I play nearly everyday, sometimes with friends, sometimes not but that doesn't matter. I am sick to death in going into games to find at least 7 "Snipers" in the game... some on my team, some on the other. And when I hopped onto Free-For-All to get my PDW gold, I counted 6 out of 8 people "Sniping". Me, I don't "Quickscope" because i'm not a sad individual that buys an awesome £50 game just to aim down your sights for half a second and shoot, also to spin around twice and shoot.

      Who does that! One of my friends that I know, he got an Xbox last year in May, he got Black Ops 2 with it so me and my other friends invited him to out clan "Tragic". It was amazing. To be able to go onto S&D and destroy the enemy team with your clan was such a rush. (We had 12 people before the leader left.) After that, "Frenzy" (Our friend that got the Xbox) got into "Sniping". I now tell you no lie he's probably spend at least £130 on new gamertags from joining and leaving different "Sniper" clans. Seriously! And the thing is they take it so seriously!


      The game I once loved is now infested with "Sniper *******" and I cant stand it. Same with MW2, MW3. Please do something about this for your next game or I won't be buying it!


      Disagree with me, Msg me on Xbox Live. Gamertag: Fariko Meatz

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          Re: Call Of Duty: Sniper Fun II

          Your complaints are definitely valid.. There has become such an infestation of people running around with their tactical insertions and sniper rifles that it's difficult to play, at times.. If it was just one or two in a game, that would be one thing.. But it's 5 or more in almost every game you get in now.. I don't "hate" people who snipe.. If someone pays for the game, they should be allowed to play however they want, within the rules.. It's just frustrating to be putting multiple bullets into a guy and then he spins on a dime after being in full sprint, and then quick scopes you and you're dead.. But sniper rifles aren't the only thing that happens like that.. The shotguns, Remington specifically, are just as bad.. The kids hiding behind a riot shield with a shotgun is ridiculous.. They put "worm" in their clan tag, and then hide behind a riot shield with an 870 and throw out trophy systems and claymores.. I tried googling several different things, then was led to youtube.. And after watching some videos, it's easy to see why everyone is doing this.. These kids watch youtube and then try to imitate what they see these clowns doing with their sniper rifles and shotguns.. Pretty pathetic, in my opinion.. But, again, people may play any way they choose.. It just ruins a good game for everyone else.. Shows where society has gone.. Add that with hiding behind a microphone and complete anonymity, you get people who just want to ruin someone's game..

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            Re: Call Of Duty: Sniper Fun II

            There is so many quicksopers in Black Ops 2 as its a lot easier to quickscope in Black Ops 2 than Ghost. I cant stand them and the quickscopers in a match the more claymores I drop. I still do well in FFA but yes they are a plague.

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              Re: Call Of Duty: Sniper Fun II

              1. Remove cross-hairs for sniper rifles and have no ability to tighten hip-fire spread.

              2. Have sniper rifles ADS like that in Black Ops1 where the scope would sway up a little bit

              3. Bring back the Bi-Pod attachment, allowing the sniper to have no sway when ADS.

              4. Because Ghost doesn't conceal Sniper players (traditional sniping) sniper rifles are given the ability to conceal the player entirely.

              These are my thoughts on the approach to remove quickscoping. IMO.

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