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    Looking for people to play with now!!!!

      Hey guys , I am looking for a few people to play with right now.


      would love to do some team tactical so need 3 more people.

      Just want to have some fun playing and having a laugh so a mic is a + (ofc its team tactical also)

      My KD: 1.4.


      @me GT: ShiCkM1

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          Re: Looking for people to play with now!!!!

          CGP ( Chaotic Greed Public )

          Chaotic Greed is a small, competitive Call of Duty clan focused on winning at all costs. Although we are a small clan our ideas or large and to make these dreams, such as best clan war team, come true an expansion is needed. So we are now, once again recruiting. We are looking for mature competitive players that like to play clan wars. But I must forewarn you, we are not a clan war clan. We are a low level in a low division. But this also has its perks...

          • We are looking for a clan war Lieutenant
          • Higher spots in the public monarchy
          • Players who just want to play, no leadership spot wanted
          • You get to meet new people, make friends and be in lobbies together.

          To meet the requirements for these positions

          • For a Lieutenant spot you need to be 16 or older (Preferably older). This implies you have input on the lobbies put together, people added to the CGP roster, and clan decisions.
          • For higher public monarchy you need to be mature and highly skilled(1.2 K/D or above)
          • For people who just want to play you need to be 15 or older and decently skilled (at least 1.10 K/D).

          Yes we have high expectations but to win you can't suck. When you meet with me you will have a tryout. The tryout will be of many games over a few days. I don't make decisions quickly nor do I have too. You will also need to submit an application on our website http://cgcompetitive.com/ under recruitment. Also message me on Xbox 360 at Astaroth cG . I hope you understand that we here at CG are winners and see the future of the Competitive and Public division as winners also.

          See you soon,

          Leader and Co-Owner of CG, Astaroth/Konecke/Dylan

          P.S. If you have read this far you are interested. Please keep everything I said in mind.

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