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    Call of Duty Clan Wars: Diamond Division Battle Royale [BRACKETS UPDATED]

      This next Diamond Division War will include a special event: the Battle Royale!  This event is intended to give the best a chance to prove themselves against the best across the entire world of Call of Duty Clans.


      Instead of running from Friday to Sunday, this Diamond Division (both 'regular' and Battle Royale) will run for two days only, on Saturday 26 April and Sunday 27 April.  These days were chosen to permit the European teams to compete directly in head to head wars against the Eastern US and Pacific US teams in the Battle.



      If you wish to reap the ultimate rewards, then your clan must opt into the Battle Royale Region, which will be played in the Europe time period.  Your clan leader must go into the Clan Wars section of the app, choose 'Diamond Division Invite' from the menu, and choose the Battle Royale timezone option.  If you're a European clan, you will still need to opt in to the Battle Royale region if you wish to participate.  All contenders will need to opt in by noon PDT / 8PM BST on Friday if they want to make it into the Battle.


      For this Battle Royale event, the brackets have been simplified into four sizes: "bantamweight" (3-12 players), "middleweight" (13-20 players), "heavyweight" (21-50 players), and "champion" (51-100 players).  These brackets will be in play only for the Battle Royale region; regular diamond brackets will be in play for the other regions.


      IMPORTANT NOTE: For US Pacific timezone players, this means the matches will be from 11 am Saturday/Sunday until 3 pm local time; for US Eastern timezone players, this means the matches will be from 2 pm Saturday/Sunday until 6 pm local time; and so forth.


      All matches played in the Battle Royale will have significant bonuses to diamond points for the top three, bonuses based on the division, and a very significant bonus for the victors.  So if your clan wants to rocket up the diamond leaderboard by proving itself against the toughest possible competition, start preparing now!