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    Black Ops Wont Connect, Servers are unavailable



      Ive been trying to enter the game for the last 3 days and I cant because the message that servers are unavaible continue appearing, ive already made the troubleshooting from steam page, reset router etc and still I cant.


      Can some one give me a few aditional TS steps?


      Im playing it con PC.




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          Re: Black Ops Wont Connect, Servers are unavailable

          I have a similar complaint. Both Black Ops 2 and Ghosts are giving the same error that they cannot connect to the servers and to check their status. When i check online, the status is showing operational!!


          At first i thought this was a temporary setback but then it has been 3 weeks now. I was out of town for awhile and today i started the games and the same error!!!  Kindly advise a solution at the earliest...

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