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    Probation System has flaws

      I have contacted them since Call Of Duty Black Ops II was released about the probation system they have in place. The truth behind this probation system is it has flaws. For instants you get disconnected from the internet, get kicked from the game because you didn't have enough time to choose a weapon because you were sending a message or you accept a game invite to join a friend. Well any of this will give you a automatic quit and if you quit the game you get a legit quit. This is the problem with the probation system. If you play alone you know 90% of time you get put in a game that has already started. You might get put on a team that is losing really bad or a team that is tied and the game just recently started. The issue is the game they stick you in is a lose lose situation so you have to quit out. I could carry my team 25-5 and someone on my team goes 5-20 this player has giving my team a disadvantage. The way they put you in games needs to be changed so this same stuff doesn't happen over and over. Like I said I have contacted them since the game came out but nothing has changed. It is another one of those situations where you give them your money and they sit back to do nothing for the game. I gave them money for the game, season pass and DLC(camos) but in return they don't look at the true facts that need to be looked at in a game. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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          I never even realised this could happen, ive been playing blops2 xbox for about 3 weeks now and quit loads due to connection. I couldnt care if I get hammered, ive taken beatings on Nuketown regularly, and id never quit when im getting destroyed, but there numerous games ive played where you literally cant walk for 3 yds without the screen juttering and its not just me as the scores 0-0 after about 5 mins played as people have clearly stayed hoping it corrects itself. Everyones on 1 red bar, and 1 guy has 2 bars. Or ill play a game and ill be the only guy on 1 red bar, and im that far behind with lag that I die to invisible people and find myself 0-10 after about 30 seconds.

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              Connection went downhill again last night - fine all day then once I get to around 7pm UK time, my scores go from 26-4 to 4-26, I literally die constantly, 1 red bar, host migrations every game, and half the lobbies I join there are people standing around not moving, the score 0-0, the screen jumping all over and the connection interupted thing flashing up, everyone on red bars. Leave and keep getting put back into the same lobby.