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    Why have they let the leaderboards get hacked Like this ?

      Going on zombies and i checked every maps leaderboards and theirs some one up the top advising their modding site and all that i dont see the point to be fair because bo2 was a good game in till they started letting go on zombies and leting people get to modded rounds so us legit players cant beat them please sort it out treyarch I can admit modding can be fun like flying and messing about but when it comes to people hacking to advising on every single map from one player up to four its not fair because i think all that payed money for the game and the dlc are angry from how hard they tried to get some were on the leaderboards for someone to hack to the top its not fair because this game is now becoming a waste off peoples money in a years time bo2 will probley be like waw ps: treyarch if you do read this people with hacked consoles have found a ban bypass again like three weeks after the update please sort it out ?