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    Why should they take DLC guns off CvC?


      I really don't get why they've taken the DLC guns such as the Maverick and the Ripper off of Clan vs Clan. Essentially Clan v Clan is still a public match and shouldn't restrict guns that plays have payed money for. I have been playing ghosts since January and quickly got bored of the general field of players on the Core game modes - camping for a better K/D ratio...


      Then I moved onto Clan vs Clan which proves to be a more tactical game mode where more team work is needed and higher skilled players are generally. However now they've taken the DLC guns off which I payed over £30 for (Inc. in the Season Pass). Personally I think this is horrendous: why should we pay for guns and then get them taken off certain modes? They've worked to balance the guns and they're not OP at all.


      If other players think that guns shouldn't be allowed that aren't available to them, then it should be an incentive to buy them rather than taking away the availability usage of such guns from paying customers.


      What is everyone elses view on this?

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          Clan vs Clan was changed to MLG rules some time ago.  That is your answer as to why the DLC guns are not allowed.  They don't have DLC maps in rotation there either because MLG doesn't allow them.  I too don't like having to play a lesser game than what I paid for.  Ergo why I don't play Clan vs Clan.  I'd rather get my money's worth of entertainment.  But if you are going to play Clan vs Clan (should have been renamed MLG) then you will have to live with their restrictions.

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              Actually I was just using the ripper in cvc after it was released. The maverick was also still in there. So it wasn't as soon as they included mlg rules.


              I also think it's stupid as well as them not using dlc maps for mlg period.. I'm already bored of the maps they use and so are a lot of pros. They all want to use dlc maps and veteran casters were even mentioning dlc maps at cod champs.. yet I knew they wouldn't incorporate them at all.

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                  They were there until they updated the rules again.  That happens quite often as the game tends to lag the rule changes.  If I recall correctly C v C has been MLG rules since before the first DLC release.  So that should give you an indication of just how long the game update lags the rule changes.  In my opinion they should have left C v C the way that it was originally but the devs decided to do things differently.  Probably because the playlist wasn't that popular but I think that had more to do with the early restriction of having to have a 4 man clan party just to enter it.  Had they dropped that restriction and made it 6 v 6, I think that it would have gotten more love from the community.