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    Why is it so easy for hackers? This game is ruined.

      I'm absolutely fed up of every single Modern Warfare game that is released ending up ruined from hackers.


      What is the point in having leaderboards if it is just a matter of time before they are cheated?


      I love playing S&D on MW3 so much, but 9 out of 10 games I join has to include a 'MoDz-FanBoyZz' to come in and spoil it. Why is it so easy for people to cheat? Why hasn't there already been something done about it? I am very disappointed with how ignorant the creators are about this. The hackers are even hiding their real PSN's in-game, and leaving before I can see them in the lobby for me to report them for gods sake.


      What is the point in creating a game when the security of it obviously fails deeply?


      I know the game has been out for a good couple of years now, however, I still love to play it. It's not fair.

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          Re: Why is it so easy for hackers? This game is ruined.

          I would  be ashamed as a programmer that something I worked on was so easily hacked showing my lack of skill. The other truly pathetic part is the people using the hacks. Its ashame to know there are people out there so pathetic their only enjoyment in life is having to cheat at a video game because theyre to slow and uncoordinated to do well in the game without cheating.


          I havent purchased Ghosts yet and refuse to do so until Activision patches MW3. Unfortunately there are millions of other sheep who will jump to the latest and greatest because they have no personal conviction and have no problem being bent over by activision so my holdout makes no difference.


          Maybe one day people will have the balls to stand up for something

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