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    Fatal Talent Gaming - RECRUITING !!

      hey everybody, i belong to a friendly gaming Community called Fatal Talent Gaming "FTG" . and we are looking for new Recruits for a clan called " Immortal Gamers " ..  To be a part of FTG, their is NO K.D requirement - we dont care if you SUCK or if you are Extremely good - FTG is always willing to Teach and Make YOU a better gamer. so IF you do suck? we will make you better !.. ALL that we ask is, that you are willing to learn, we want Active gamers - we dont want a recruit who games only once a week ... our rules are simple - No racism , NO cheating (boosting,mod'd controllers) and you must be 18+  with a mic .... IF you are interested in joining - contact me on XBL . my gamertag is " FTG Luck isK1LL "  - and thats the number 1 in K1LL not an i ...  FTG LUCK isK1LL " .... Hope to hear from you !


      Also - Check out my FTG youtube channel if You'd Like !  FTG Luck isK1LL - XBOX 360 Highlights - YouTube