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    Buff the MSBS

      High, I'm a decent player in Ghosts. I enjoy using all the different guns in Ghosts. One gun that I can't really have fun using is the MSBS. As many of you know, the gun was heavily nerfed early in the development cycle in Ghosts. This was partly due to feedback from the community, but even more from the pro scene because they immediately banned the gun. Just remember when the FAL and Kap 40 were banned from MLG it took less than a month for treyarch to patch them. However, the guns existed for months without any nerfs so its pretty obvious MLG talked to the devs and caused the change.


      I miss having a decent burst rifle. I understand burst rifles easily become overpowered, but I wish Infinity Ward would spend more time tuning and testing the MSBS. As it currently stands, the gun feels weak at long ranges and nearly unusable with a silencer. There is noticeable recoil that further effects mid-long range on top of that. In general the gun feels too weak and outclassed. Even its design looks clunky and iron sights are ugly. To build a half decent MSBS you have to set up a class designed for close range encounters. You're outclassed by snipers, DMRs, and LMGs at range and SMGs and ARs can just hipfire or strafe you out. I rarely see MSBS users at all, and it's almost always someone with the full auto attachment equipped.


      There really isn't an alternative to the MSBS because the burst attachment on ARs and DMRs sort of gimps all of them and requires an attachment slot that would better be used on something else. Let alone most players who use the select fire attachments opt for the single semi auto shot.


      Personally, I miss having a good burst weapon. It was always a staple for Infinity Ward games. I don't know if the MSBS can be buffed without becoming overpowered, but I really would like to see it happen. Perhaps, with the proper amount of testing a better medium could be found so the MSBS is useful. I'm not saying it needs to become as good as any of these guns below, but a burst weapon is a category in itself and it sort of feel like Ghosts lacks it completely.


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          1. Re: Is the MSBS useless?

          Useless might be a strong word... but I agree that it is just no fun to use. It just doesn't feel right, which is to say it just doesn't have that burst fire feel of previous titles, as you pointed out.


          My experience has been that the bursts seem inconsistent, and there have been many occasions in which I felt like I was right on target and missed.


          I used the weapon with a lot of success when the game was first released, but when I have gone back to it it just doesn't feel the same, and just isn't fun for me to use.

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            2. Re: Buff the MSBS

            I agree with you. I don't like using the MSBS either. There needs to be a better burst fire weapon on Ghost. I personally miss the Chicom CQB. That gun was a beast. I used to LOVE halo jumping with that gun lol.

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              3. Re: Buff the MSBS

              Honestly I thought it was fine when the game first came out. It was never as good as the Type-95.

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                4. Re: Buff the MSBS

                I also agree that a buff is in order.  It's rare to score kills with a single burst and if you don't, you're dead.  My personal favorite burst weapon -- and one that I would like to see the MSBS emulate -- was BO2's SWAT-556.  No one ever complained that that gun was overpowered; but it had a really good three hit kill range and a very tight cluster on the burst so that it felt kind of like a non-scoped sniper rifle in practice.

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                  5. Re: Buff the MSBS

                  I've actually been working on gun camoes with the MSBS and it's an annoying gun to use.  Close to mid-range it's powerful but past that you're lucky to get a kill with it.  There is so much recoil in the burst mode that you can forget about landing more than 2 bullets at range and most of the time you only land one.  Put a silencer on it and expect to need 4 or 5 bursts at long range to get a kill.  The gun really isn't fun to use.


                  I have found, however, that the full auto attachment helps for long range shots.  You have to burst fire it in full auto but at least you get rid of the burst fire delay.  It's still takes a lot of trigger pulls but at least you can land them in rapid succession.  You're still going to have to do all of this behind cover though because any other AR, LMG, and even some SMGs in the game will out gun you thanks to the MSBSs high recoil.  The gun was better balanced before the nerf but if they don't want to make it stronger then they should at least make it more accurate.  As is it takes way too many bullets to kill outside of close range.


                  I'm taking a break from it for now but if I ever get it gold then that will probably be the last time that I use it.

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                    6. Re: Buff the MSBS

                    I gave up on the MSBS also for now till something is done. It is the only AR I don't have gold. Time for me to put more attention on my SMG's to get them all gold.

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                      7. Re: Buff the MSBS

                      Having a strong burst fire A/R has always been a staple of IW COD games. M16 in COD4, Famas from MW2, T-95 from MW3. They were all great and rightfully so, they should be strong. because of the slow fire rate. The MSBS is trash in this game because it is so weak.

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                        8. Re: Buff the MSBS

                        One more voice for the choir. I thought the MSBS was fine before the nerf and now despite the fact I like it I find pretty useless and removed it from my load outs.

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                          9. Re: Buff the MSBS

                          Tell me about it!!! I can still use the gun (I have it gold btw) but its such an effort to make up the disadvantage I get with this gun. I get the 2 shot kill nerf to be chest and head, burst fire rifles should be at a disadvantage at cqc to be balanced but why nerf the range? If anything the range should have been kept or lessen the recoil if you really want to nerf the range so we can still kill at range but with more shots. They just nerfed this gun to hell NO ONE uses this gun anymore. It was a top 5 AR and now its sitting at the bottom with the SA-805.

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