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    Looking for more COD friends for X1

      Hey all,


      Just figured I would throw this out there. I am trying to find more friends to play ghosts with. I played a lot on my PS4 but recently sold it. I was prestige 9 and had a KD around 2.9 (psn Beer_N_Bunnies). I am trying to find some regular players that want to have fun playing. I lost interest in ghosts on the PS4 but left some good friends behind. Now I am trying to get back into it so I am hoping I can find some friends that are good and are pretty chill to play with.


      I am 25 years old and live in VA (EST), USA and typically am on after 6pm EST just about everyday Monday - Friday. I also play for a couple hours on Sat/Sun as well. Please have a mic as that is what makes the game most enjoyable.


      Send me a message or follow if you are interested.


      GT: BeerNBunnies