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    Xbox One portal does not work

      Support Ticket 03344294


      Not sure what else to do at this point.


      The portal for Swap Force lights up but won't recognize any figures.  I also noticed that none of the lightcore figures will light up when placed on the portal.  Tried all the ports with no luck.  Other usb devices work fine.  Moved the portal away from any/all other electronic devices, still nothing.


      Submitted a return request but unfortunately I was using Safari at the time which apparently isn't supported so I received no further information about how to return it.  There's no link from within the claim page either.  Wouldn't let me log into the community site here with the my Activision account so I had to make another account to post this.  Wow, frustrating.


      In any case, hopefully someone at Activision will see this.


      Thank you.