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    Why did you put a 25 killstreak in the game and bad lag compensation?

      So can someone from Activision or Infinity Ward please answer why you decided to put a 25 killstreak into this game?


      Every time I try to go for it the host dashboards so why have you put something in the game that is broken?


      To fix this you could have used dedicated servers like you said you would or you can give me a placement in your moderators team so I can temporary ban those who abuse the dashboarding.


      I feel that your "fans" are far too forgiving in the terrible design choices you have made within the past 3 or 4 call of duty releases, most notable enforcing a lag compensation system to put noobs at an unfair advantage to pros.


      Now you listen to me devs, you tried to give pros an unfair disadvantage and that is simply disgusting, you done this to try to gain more players yet instead you've lost more players than you could have imagined, everyone knows this to be true. You deserve every bit of hate you have gotten from the community.


      I will see how call of duty 2014 turns out however I don't see it being a good game at all if you choose to keep you're poor decisions.


      Now listen to me devs this is very important because I'm about to tell you how to make a successful game.


      Bring full 100% dedicated server support, keep the 25 killstreak reward, make more small - medium sized maps that aren't built for campers and finally (the most important thing) is to create a lag compensation system that actually works. On occasions I fire the first bullet yet your game acts as if I didn't fire at all and I have little time to react in some gunfights. The .1 or .2 second advantage players have over you might not sound like a lot but it will determine who will win the gunfight. Devs you need to create a lag comp system so fine tuned that it clears any "time" disadvantage a player might have over another and make sure the system works in every lobby in the game.


      Once you get your greedy heads out of your asses and implement a lag compensation system that works then apply it to every call of duty through a patch.


      Whether you choose to listen to me or not is your choice however if you want to bring back the call of duty spark that cod 4 had then you'll take on board what I have said.


      As of right now the Call of Duty franchise is broken, I have played every call of duty and I know what something is out of balance.


      I don't expect you to fix anything I suggested devs because I as well as everyone else knows you don't care about your fans.Stop bringing "michael myers", "Predators" and whatever into your game and fix the ******* game itself. THIS IS A MULTIPLAYER FPS GAME SO PATCH IT TO MAKE IT PLAY LIKE WHAT IT IS.


      This isn't a " bad lag comp, one player has an unfair disadvantage over another" genre game, this is a game where the players should be able to have fair based matches against each other.


      I know you're still using bad lag compensation to help the noobs because you only care about money.

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