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    Anyone else had trouble with horrendous spawns today/night?

      Not sure entirely whats been going on today but the spawning has been horrific for me the past few hours, (Playing on PS4)


      My friend was complaining about getting them yesterday (wednesday) but i didnt seem to have any problems at all, with an odd exception here and there the spawns seemed to be fairly managable,


      Today however (playing solo) every time i spawn i seem to be either in direct line of sight of an enemy or they're just a few steps around a corner.


      On a couple of occasions ive been spawned in in the middle of 2 or 3 enemies close enough that on the one occasion i got a kill straight from the spawn it was a point blank.


      One game on Sovereign 19 times in a row i was killed within 10 paces of where i spawned in, there just didnt seem to be anything i could do, even when i did manage to fire my shots weren't registering (but thats another story for another time because hit detection has been exceptionally bad for me aswell tonight)


      Mainly Been having issues on:





      The Stadium map (cant remember the name)

      and all 4 maps from DLC1


      I know the spawns have never been amazing but they seem exceptionally bad tonight.


      Anyone else been having any issues with them?

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