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    build all schematics achievement not working for me ? :(

      on a few occassions i have tried this achievement . I built all the schematics even built the venom x twice the one in the big room and the one on top deck but i never get the achievement someone help please? ty...yes spelling grammer are terrible apologies

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          Re: build all schematics achievement not working for me ? :(

          Keep in mind there are 10 items to build total:


          4 x Venom-X (Biolum, Orange Biolum, Blue Biolum, Amethyst Biolum).

          3 x Tesla (Basic Tesla, Medium Tesla, Advanced Tesla).

          Sticky Flares

          Hypno Trap

          Pipe Bombs


          You know how for your third red box for your Venom-X it tells you the name, so you know which colour you're picking up? It does the same for the Tesla's, so watch out for them. The 3 different ones are: Cell Battery (Basic Tesla), Liquid Battery (Medium Tesla), Nucleic Battery (Advanced Tesla).


          Remember, it's the THIRD red box you open with the Tesla Schematic that tells you the name of one of the above 3.

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