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    Not exactly "new" engine for the future of this franchise.

      So as we know the current engine Call of Duty franchise has been hauling is based on idTech 3 game engine that first saw action in 1999 (14 years ago) on Quake 3. We are now entering a new generation of console hardware and PC hardware is even a lot more powerful than the consoles. The engine is limited and is a bottleneck to what can be done graphically and physically within the engine on the future Call of Duty games.


      Now Call of Duty has also entered a three year development cycle from the hectic two year cycle it was before. Giving the developers more time to make their games. Treyarch is by far the largest studio out of the Call of Duty developers and it would only be logical for them to take the task of creating their own brand new engine for Call of Duty. And it seems to be that it is not exactly happening. They are in a progress of hopefully rewriting almost entirely the engine to bring Call of Duty truly into the next generation.


      What I base my suspicion is this job application of Treyarch:



      Senior Graphics Engineer - Treyarch

      Santa Monica, California



      Job Description

      We are looking for a wicked smart Senior Graphics Engineerto work on our next amazing project.  The ideal candidate will have worked in the videogames industry for more than 5 years and shipped at least two commercial AAA game titles.


      Treyarch is home to some of the industry's best and brightest talent, and has garnered a reputation for being one of the industry's premier art, design and technology powerhouses. The studio’s successful track record of releasing AAA blockbuster hits, extensive infrastructure and strong management provides a solid foundation from which it can successfully pioneer major franchises and build on our successes to date.


      What you’ll be doing:

      · Analyze, refactor and improve existing graphics/engine technology and tools.

      · Research and implement new graphics technology and tools.

      · Work with peers and other departments in order to improve workflows and end product quality.

      · Work with other Graphics Engineers for the purpose of mentoring and time management.


      The skills/experience you’ll need:

      · Fluent in modern C (experience with templates/STL is a plus)

      · Experience with Direct3D/OpenGL and console graphics APIs

      · Strong 3D math skills

      · Strong understanding of low level CPUs/GPUs operations

      · Excellent written and spoken communication skills

      · Work well in a team environment

      · Capable of working to deadlines


      · Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field


      And you’ll really get our attention if you have:

      · Experience with X86/SSE, PPC/VMX or other assembly languages

      · Experience with C# or other .NET languages

      · Experience with PERL/Python or other scripting languages

      As you can see one of the main requirements is to improve existing graphics/engine technology and tools. But also implement new tools and technologies to it. It seems the engine will get the biggest update on its history but is it enough if they do not almost completely rewrite the source of the engine? We have seen the new image from Sledge Hammer games from their first Call of Duty game and it at least confirms that this years Call of Duty is not going to run on a new engine.