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    (XBOX 360 & One)(US)(SPONSORED CLAN) HNG - Looking for Competitive Long Term SnD GB Players (MLG/UMG)




      HybridNerdzGaming (Level 25 Diamond Division Clan with full Body Count & War Cry) is looking for 1-2 dedicated west coast/midwest competitive players to complete our already successful Doubles team (record 34-13) or east coast members to either start new teams or join current incomplete teams.

      We are a Search and Destroy based team.

      We currently have multiple US teams and a successful EU team (record 6-0) who have been playing scrims and GB/UMG matches since the game was released.

      We have plenty of east coast members for our US team but only 2 west coast players so we are looking for 1-2 to complete our west coast team.

      Our clan is in a progressive sponsorship with Cinch Gaming (they make gaming controllers similar to Scuf  for those who don't know).

      This means that the more people who have used our discount code to purchase Cinch products, the more free merchandise that Cinch sends our clan/team. (Use the code "HNG13" for a discount off of Cinch Controllers)


      The requirements for being on one of our competitive teams are:

      - Have at least a 1.5 k/d

      - Have gun skill as well as communication skills

      - Being easy to get along with. If we can't get along, then we can't play well together.

      - Play CoD at least 5 times a week

      - Please be at least 17 years old

      - Be active on our clan website (I will message you the link)  - This is especially important because on our website we discuss many gaming/competitive things including when to practice and when we are playing matches. If your not active on the clan website for more than 5 days, then you will be removed from the clan and will not be able to be on our competitive team. 

      - BE DEDICATED! We need players who are going to be devoted to our clan for many months (hopefully into the next Call of Duty and beyond). So please, don't quit just because we lose a few matches.


      Our teams scrim multiple times a week (often for multiple hours a day) and play UMG or MLG matches as often as possible.


      As long as you are dedicated to the clan and follow our requirements (as described above), you will have a place in the clan and on one of our many teams.


      If you are interested, message me on Xbox Live - GT:  Hybrd Tiberium or Twitter - @HybrdTiberium



      YouTube: Hybrd Tiberium - YouTube

      Twitch: twitch.tv/tiberiumchief35

      Twitter: twitter.com/HybrdTiberium - @HybrdTiberium

      My stats:

      UMG Rank: 3k

      Doubles Team Record: 34-13 - 170th on 2v2 Ladder (out of 6,000 teams)

      Pub. Stats:

      K/D: 2.08

      W/L: 3.5

      KEM Strikes: 20