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    Ideas For a New "Treyarch" call of duty games from the fans?

      A Fourm for suggestions about new ideas on the call of duty made by "Treyarch" made by a serious fan of the series. Let me give an example Call of duty WAW2 a revamped World At War same maps including the original dlc re imagined with better graphics and the zombies just add a massive upgrade more guns perks new maps. This would make a ton of money the fans would eat this up $$.

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          Re: Ideas For a New "Treyarch" call of duty games from the fans?

          Treyarch's zombie team and the ones who did origins should do a call of duty zombies with a campaign that goes in depth about group 935 and the secrets you would play as Edward Richtoffen and at at the end of the game it starts in origin and goes into the classic style zombies kinda like when you beat the campaign in WAW and you went into zombies mode. mulitiplayer would be on zombie maps little bigger though. When i think of this i think of Call of Cuty Online all the guns and maps of all the cods in one game i was mind blown when i found this out now take zombies into that as one game add a campaign name it secrets of 935.

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