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    PS4 swap force crashes during loading on Sons account, but not on other accounts.

      My Son has completed the story mode of this game but can no longer access it on our PS4. When the game  tries to initially load up, it freezes within in a minute or 2 before getting past the initial credits.


      I initially thought it may be a dirty or scratched disk, but this is not the case, the disk is perfect. The game will work fine on my account of the same machine, but as I seldom use the game it would mean my Son starting over again. This must be a problem with the game as I am starting to see the problem happening to other users.


      I have deleted the game from my sons account and then re-installed it, it did not help. I have a back up from a month ago of the game data, I re-installed the old data, and this also made no difference.


      Any advise? Is there a fix?