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    I realize

      That this being an Internet forum that everyone is entitled to their opinions and has the right to debate and by its very nature everyone is granted a certain level of anonymity but after reading and going through a lot of posts on here I notice that there is A LOT of backbiting and nitpicking when it comes to people's suggestions or desires for ghosts. Now granted there is an equal amount of hair brained suggestions for ghost by people that either ate paint chips when they were kids or sniffed A LOT of glue growing up as there are really great posts and suggestions by people who have some great ideas and know what they're talking about.  I'm not saying we all group hug and sing koombaya lol, but I'm saying is that if we can learn to offer constructive criticism instead of stomping all over people and making them nervous about even posting any ideas on here, maybe all get behind the ideas we can all agree on that are worth while and would like to see happen , maybe just maybe IW will listen to what we have to say and give us what we ask for instead of seeing a bunch of arguing and whiney p*****s, that's just an opinion of mine and had to get it off my chest

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          That's just the internet, and unfortunately there's a lot of people lacking in social skills. Not to mention that a couple of posters have admitted to suffering from Asbergers disease, those cat's unfortunately can't help It.

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            I didn't do glue it was paste





            and I got kicked out of group because I ate the crayons while screaming " YELLOW TASTES LIKE SUNSHINE!!""

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              That's life mate, not just this forum. There's a little more EGO,testosterone and bollox oh an of course the wankers here but some just can't take honest open opinion, there are also ppl who just come on here to wind ppl up. Don't pay it no mind you'll end mad or stressed let the village idiots yak on, to react would be to value their opinion.

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                I think people don't realise that it's players suggestions that has made Ghosts the way it is... they didn't want set spawns so people couldn't spawn camp, they didn't want claymores and betties, they didn't want small maps, the didn't want OP guns... they want new ideas and for it to be different from each previous release. I personally don't care about improving the games, everyone has a favourite one... if they actually cleared up the servers for old games like MW2, Black Ops etc. then people could go back to those games since they're the favourites. I'd love to go back to Black Ops, but unfortunately it's died. Ghosts will never replace my love for Black Ops but I can still enjoy it, yeah it's frustrating at times but whatever.