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    Swap Force freezes at launch only on some PS4 user accounts

      Swap Force just started freezing on my my childrens user accounts at launch on PS4 but works perfectly for my account. I have tried uninstalling the app and deleting the local app data and reinstalling with no change. Any suggestions? Freezes during spinning Activision logo. Disk clean.

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          We just started having the same issue.  The disc is perfect.  I have 2 sub accounts. The game always works on my main account.  I have tried deleting the game and re-installing.


          Here's some things I observed:


          The hang is always during the Activision spinning logo sequence on Sub account #1.


          Starting this week (April 26, 2014) , it always crashes during the logo except one time we got a system notification that we weren't connected to PSN.  That time it started up just fine.


          On Sub Account #2, for the younger sibling, I saw a system message saying that some features would be disabled due to age restrictions, but the game started just fine.


          On my main account, I do notice a hitch in the sound and animation just about where the first sub-account completely hangs.  However, the game starts and runs normally.


          I would guess that something is happening in parallel with the logo animation (PSN network query?) that's causing an issue.


          My PS4 was a launch system, and it still has the original hard drive.  It is connected to network through WiFi.  Skylanders Swap Force was the our first game, and it has worked since Christmas with no issues until now.

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            Any updates on this issue? Same problem on our PS4. Main account can log in and play just fine but game freezes everytime during the spinning Activision logo for my kids accounts.

            We had a similar issue with sub accounts not working on Call Of Duty Ghosts but Activision just released a patch for this today and that game seems to be working now but still no luck with Skylanders.

            Currently the game is unplayable for my kids

            Curious how much testing Activision has done with their games and compatibility with the PS4 platform. So far my experience has been very poor. Glad they finally fixed COD Ghosts but took them almost a month!!!


            If anyone comes across a solution please post an update. Also if Activision would provide an update that would be swell as well.

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                Update on this issue. I did some additional experimenting and found out some additional information about this issue.

                1. I created a brand new sub account and had the same results as previous which was main account works fine but all sub accounts freeze at the Spinning Activision Logo.

                2. Next I unplugged the LAN cable to my PS4 and then relaunched the game using one of the sub accounts which was freezing before. At the point where the game would freeze before, (i.e. Spinning Activision Logo), I received a notice that I was not connected to the internet and would not be able to receive updates. The good news is the game launched perfectly normal at this point and played without issue. Therefore I believe this is related to the way Activision is handling the sub accounts when connected online.


                The temporary work around may to be disconnect your PS4 from the internet while playing Swapforce until Activision comes out with a patch for the game.....my 2 cents.


                I have called Activision's customer support yesterday and today and they do not believe this is a class issue but more isolated to myself and maybe a few other users. If you have this issue please call them to report as well as like or post on these forums as well with actions you have taken.


                Next steps Activision recommended was to clears cookies and cache for the sub accounts (not quite sure how to do this but will look into it). Also Activision also recommended contacting Sony as it may be their issue.


                For what it is worth, the support personnel that I dealt with at Activision were very friendly and tried to help as much as they could.

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                  1. Try to disconnect/unplug your LAN connections or turn off WIFI so you are no longer connected to the internet before you launch Swap Force with the sub account. This is a temporary work around but allowed my kids to play the game. You will get a warning at the "Spinning Activision Logo" saying you are not connected to the internet but game will load normally and allow your kids to play. Ironically this is the same point where the game would freeze when connected to the internet. Hope this helps.