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    Guide on how to survive on Safeguard.




      Safeguard is a gamemode in Squads. There is three safeguard modes normal, extended and infinite. Normals is 20 rounds, extended is 40 rounds and infinite is 100 rounds. Goal in the mode is to survive as many rounds as you can againts the increasing difficulty and amount of enemies.







      Your starting loadout is MP-443 Grach pistol, Stun grenade and I.E.D, you have also a Squad mate in reserve that you can call in to your aid at anytime.





      The game will start with the first loot round. Loot rounds are rounds where you will get killstreak packages around the map for you to pick up. There is 25 second time limit to collect these packages. You can only hold three killstreak rewards at a time. If you have unused streaks when the loot round starts you might want to call in your Battle Hind or Vulture to make room for new streaks. Your Battle Hind/Vulture will last for the next round. You will be getting loot round on every fifth round.





      Sentry Gun:

      The best you can get so always go for the sentry and try to save them for later rounds. Place them on key positions where they can deal maximum damage while still staying safe from the enemies.



      Good streak that will protect you from enemies that are getting close. Excellent for covering you when you need to go to revive your buddies.


      Battle Hind:

      Good streak for rounds where there is a lot of enemies approaching. Your hind will rain bombs and death upon your enemies.



      When placed on good position, it can deal a lot of damage. Good to place on positions where enemies pile up or to cover your back if you are in such a spot that enemies can flank you.



      Not really good, recommended to use slightly after a round start to maximize the effectiveness.


      Helo Scout:

      Definitely worst of the rewards. Even recommended not to take in some situations as it will take to you away from your camping spot and the amount of enemies you are able to take down with Helo Scout is not big. Enemies can kill you when you are in it and after landing you are on your own in an open area which is fatal in Safeguard.






      Support drops are awarded after you achieve enough points from killing enemies. There is a white bar in the HUD that shows the progress towards support drop. Support drops contain weapons, equipment and perks. You can change the contents of the support crate twice. After changing it for the second time it will give you just ammo but this can be very valuable on the later rounds, as it will replenish all of your ammo, stuns and equipment.




      AK-12 w/ foregrip & flash suppressor: Over all a good and accurate weapon.


      ARX-160 w/ VMR sight & flash suppressor: Not a good gun, will run out of ammo fast.


      Vepr w/ foregrip: Not a good gun, like the ARX-160 will run out of ammo fast.


      MTAR-X w/ holographic sight: Decent gun for close combat.


      FP6 w/ RDS & Muzzle break: Situational gun, if you are holding a spot where enemies will pile up the gun is devastating taking multiple enemies with one shot. Needs to be leveled up quite a lot.


      MTS-255 w/ RDS & Muzzle break: Slightly weaker than FP6 but has a better rate of fire.


      USR w/ Variable Zoom Lens & Extended mag: Bad gun, avoid it.


      Chain SAW w/ flash suppressor: Great gun when leveled up enough. High fire rate on this gun makes it great for close combat.


      M27-IAR w/ VMR sight & Flash suppressor: Great gun, very powerful and can push enemies back.


      Wild Widow w/ Armor-piercing rounds: Rare special weapon, always a one hit kill. Great for taking down targets with large health. Downside is slow fire rate.


      MP-443 Grach w/ Extended mag: Your starting pistol, what makes this gun special is that it replenishes its own ammo by 1 bullet/second.


      Throwing Knife: Throwing Knife will replace your I.E.Ds. Throwing Knife is always one hit kill and can be picked up after throwing, but lacks the power of taking multiple enemies down like the I.E.D and as such is not as good in later rounds.





      There is a large variety of perks in Safeguard, some of them are even only available on this mode. Perks will also have an effect on your bleed out time. When you go down you will start slowly losing your perks until you are revived. That is also a reason why you should at first skip perks to get the best ones at first, so you will not lose your Sleight of Hand right after you go down.


      Speed: Move faster.


      Marathon: Unlimited sprinting.


      Ready Up: Allows you to shoot faster after sprinting.


      Sleight of Hand: Reload your weapon faster.


      Stalker: Move faster while aiming down sights.


      Trigger Happy: Automatically reloads your weapon after you kill enemy allowing you to basically shoot without reloading.


      Sprint Reload: Allows you to reload your weapon while running.


      Reflex: Swap your weapons faster.


      Steady aim: Increased hipfre accuracy.


      Focus: Flinch less when shot and reduced sway.


      Blast Shield: Take less explosive damage.


      Fast Health Regen: Recover your health faster.


      Quickdraw: Faster ADS time.


      You also have some perks that are hidden and you can't lose them. They are Tac Resist, Recon and Resilience.






      Ravager: Your basic enemy that is equipped with Bulldog shotgun. They are not that powerful but might become problem if you get surrounded.


      Enforcer: A more stronger unit that Ravager. Equipped with Vepr, they have a much better range and can take you down if you are in open area.


      Tower: A dog unit that is very fast, can be easily taken down with one knife hit. The dogs are extremely fast and will bite you when they get in close range. The bite is not that strong but when a pack of dogs come at you you are in very high risk. Try to deal with the dogs before they get close and if things are looking tough deploy I.E.D to take them out.


      Striker: Enemy that has a Riot Shield. These are probably the hardest enemies in the later rounds when you need to deal with multiple Strikers while still getting shot by the other enemies. Aim to their legs, try to flank them if they get close. Do not stay in their melee range! They will take you down in two hits even if you have full health. Also after you are hit you will be unable to shoot, use equipment or run for a second. If there are a lot of them coming at you, use your I.E.D to take them out.


      Destructor: Enemy that has MK32 Grenade launcher that will shoot semetex grenades at you. These guys are not that good and you can easily take them out just remember to keep a distance to them.


      Hammer: Enforcer that is equipped with Chain SAW. These guys have huge range and you should try to take them out by staying in cover. If you are caught out in the open you will be downed very fast by these guys.





      There are two types of power drops that the enemies might drop after they die. The first is a star that will increase your weapon level by 1. The other one is ammo drop that will give everyone in your team full ammo and equipments. By reviving your teammates you will be rewarded with ballistic vests.





      When choosing your location to hold out against the enemies you should keep in mind three points: kill zone, escape route and cover. You need all of these if you want to survive on the infinite mode.


      Kill zone: A good kill zone is a spot where the enemies will pile up so that they can't get in in vast numbers. You should also have a long range to shoot at the enemies so you can start firing them before they can even get to their range.


      Escape route: You might find yourself in a situation where escaping is the best choice. This might happen when number of Strikers or Towers are attacking you. A good spot has a window or a safe route to escape that you know that there is no enemies approaching you.


      Cover: Cover is very important that you will need to have that small break to regen your health or reload your weapon. Also when playing with others you need a good cover where downed players can crawl for you to safely revive them.


      With these tips you should be able to go out there and take on the challenge of the Safeguard mode. The Safeguard is a fun mode that will also reward you with high amounts of experience points. I'd like to also thank user 83457 on CoDz for helpful Safeguard tips.

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          Re: Guide on how to survive on Safeguard.

          Anything you would like to see added to this guide?

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              Re: Guide on how to survive on Safeguard.

              Save your Squadmate for when everyone on your team goes down. You can call him in to revive you. It's basically a mulligan.


              There's a nice trick I used on Warhawk. The two story building with only one access point in is a great holding spot. Have two people on your team sacrifice themselves and block the doorway in. They can knife and keep the enemy from getting inside the room and you can post up behind them for easy kills. I once got to wave 60 doing this. However, the game does get boring since there's really know challenge.


              Another great thing to do is focus on using a single weapon. The Shotgun is the best weapon if you have Trigger Happy. Level it up.


              Don't be impatient. A lot of players get bored and start taking unnecessary risks and they almost always fall victim to the Riot Shield guys. Stay in a group and get greedy.

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