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    Numbers of players online...


      70k ps3 users playing ghosts. just wondering if anyone still has previous CODs and knew how many people are still playing those?


      I want to play HC onslaught but only 322 people in playlist, 1500 in both KC, and SnR.


      I have met one english speaking lobby in 3 weeks...


      Also - does anyone know the current numbers over on PS4?

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          I'm on PS4.


          I haven't played the game that much yet, but it generally seems to be between 20,000 and 50,000 players on the PS4 version.

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            Hiya Sdredger,

            PS4 in Aus @ 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM averages between 14K and 20K usually.

            Last night was the lowest numbers I have ever seen, even during release month - under 12K.

            35 Players in Blitz (no real surprise)

            Couple of hundred in KC, 135 players in Onslaught playlist.

            I don't hate this game but no point playing if I have to play against internationals majority of the time with a 3 digit ping.

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              I've noticed on a couple of occasions that BO2 had more players in all categories than Ghosts. I play only HC and mostly TDM which has the most players in HC.  It's hard to get in a match sometimes if you don't want to play a particular map. One night I backed out of the "same" lobby 5 times trying to not play a map. I think the biggest problem is splitting Ghosts between PS3 & PS4. I think Xbox has the same problem too.