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    Is there a way to change the "lock" action to "release" action.

      There has got to be a way right? at the moment when you press Shift you run and press it again to stop, Aim down sights you press right mouse button and again to get out of that, it feels VERY unnatural. I want to aim down sights as I hold right mouse button and when I release the button I go out of aim down sights.



      how do I do this or is there no way?

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          Re: Is there a way to change the "lock" action to "release" action.

          In you keybindings there is a hold down option, set it to MB2 or whatever you want and the hold down for scoping in will go away.

          Hope this helped.

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              Re: Is there a way to change the "lock" action to "release" action.

              rather than starting a new thread to ask this, I'll just necro this one since it's relevant...


              I easily figured out how to set hold ADS, but for the life of me I haven't been able to set hold to sprint.


              to be sure, I've been looking in both campaign and MP options> controls> movement. MP and SP have basically the same slots - one for sprint and hold breath combined, and a separate one for sprint and hold breath: (defaults)

              Sprint/Hold Breath - Shift

              Sprint - Shift

              Hold Breath - Shift


              I've tried all the different changes I can think of, like:

              Sprint/Hold Breath - O

              Sprint - P

              Hold Breath - L

              - or something like...

              Sprint/Hold Breath - P

              Sprint - O

              Hold Breath - P


              (and no I don't stretch my fingers over there for these keys... I only used them for the purpose of testing after trying with other variations)


              ...so any way I set it up, sprinting is always toggled (whether I use O, or P from the above examples, or other options). I guess It's not a big deal really, as it's easy enough to use it as a toggle, but I really do prefer hold to sprint. am I not looking in the right spot in control options? I think I've looked everywhere. it's only making me slightly crazy at this point xD

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