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    Sledgehammer please don't

      After seeing the Advanced Warfare trailer I am excite to see what the new Call of duty will bring this year.


      I do however see a lot of new additions to suit the future theme.


      Some of these additions look great for Singleplayer but horrible for Online. Please don't include "super jumps", "the wall hacking device" and any other silly choices that can be made into the online mode. At BEST I see the wall hack device being a kill streak reward but then when thinking on a larger scale it would still disrupt the balance of the game. Please just remember to stick to the Fast paced, arcade style Call of duty spirit and don't create a super futuristic online with invisible players, super jumps and wall hacking devices. Play your decisions smartly Sledgehammer. We (the community) have said for a while what we want and don't want in Call of Duty games. Listen to your community and it will help you to create an enjoyable game which most of us will love playing. One thing I will note is ghosts has a TTK (time to kill) rate which is way too fast and ruins the game and this can be a good thing to consider as well