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    Scoreboards and Statistics.....what do you want to see?

      We have no idea on what game modes await us in AW. For the simplicity of this thread lets assume that Cod staples such as TDM, Dom, S&D, etc, are part of the mix.


      Up for discussion:


      • What statistics should be included on scoreboards for various gamemodes ?


      • What statistics should be visible in pre-match lobbies ?


      • How various statistics should be compiled ?


      • How post match scorecards should look ?


      • How / If the use of statistics can affect the way Cod plays ?




      It would take a month of Sundays to type out my views on all of the above. To be honest, my extended views are not what is up for discussion, I'd rather let this thread be a breeding ground of ideas . Feel free to go as detailed as you wish. Give examples and the reasoning behind it.


      Over to you

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          1. Re: Scoreboards and Statistics.....what do you want to see?

          All stats should be private.

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            2. Re: Scoreboards and Statistics.....what do you want to see?

            I don't think any statistics should be visible during the pre match lobby even rank and prestige should not be visible the only statistic that I would like to see visible is the ping of everyone that way people won't be able to lobby surf so much and won't back out because the opposition are high ranks or have good stats.


            Post match scoreboards were best in BO1 where it showed what medals you earned, kills, deaths, captures, killstreak etc I would like a similar detailed post match summary.


            As for statistics I think COD should remove overall statistics like K/D & W/L ratio and statistics should be game mode, weapon & killstreak specific that way there isn't this big almighty stat that people worry about but there is still stats to aim for and compare with friends, I also think people should be able to choose whether they want stats to be private, public or not even recorded for them to see.

            I think COD is lacking in the stat department on a whole I would also like to see more in depth stats as well as fun stats that are incorporated into the game mode, weapon and killstreak specific stats, take game mode stats it would be nice to see in domination how many times I attempt flag caps, what is the average percentage of the flag I cap(do I get on first or last), which flag do I cap the most and I could go on and on just with domination. Also weapon specific stats are weak and need to be expanded it would be nice to see fun stats like longest killstreak, average kills per minute, longest kill, most kills with one bullet, highest kill chain, longest kill feed etc all per weapon. I would also be quite cool to be able to filter stats dependant on map, game mode, weapon and killstreak that way you can really go in depth with what works for you per map. I would love to see heat maps brought back that way you can see where you die most often, get the most kills from and just your general movement patterns.

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              3. Re: Scoreboards and Statistics.....what do you want to see?

              i want points per minute back for objective game modes.

              i love to play dom and confirmed kill  but it is full of campers who want to improve their k/d ratio.

              it also be nice to have statistic for each weapon i use.

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                4. Re: Scoreboards and Statistics.....what do you want to see?

                I'd LOVE it if they removed k/d altogether. It's the bane of online shooters IMO.

                In TDM they should just show kills and assists.

                In KC show confirms and denies.

                In other objective modes show actual objectives, so captures or defends in DOM for instance but don't show kills.


                I'd like it if they stopped basing the score board on overall score and based on who actually played for the objective. So if Johnny Killfarmer plays Domination and has got 20 kills and no captures then he's sat at the bottom of the leaderboard and it shows he has NO captures and NO defends, and with my idea of not showing kills in Dom then it won't even show that he has any kills on the scoreboard. Whereas somebody that has 10 captures and a few defends is sat at the top of the leaderboard.


                I also hope they have a barracks like in BO2. The barracks in that game was fantastic. Whereas in Ghosts it was utterly rubbish in comparison.

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                  5. Re: Scoreboards and Statistics.....what do you want to see?

                  Each gamemode needs it's own type of scorecard. They try to limit each mode to simplistic stats and I think that hurts the team. DOM only shows part of the picture and it doesn't do much for a supportive player. I'd like to see something that really highlights contributions. And TDM needs to stop giving the 25-22 guy the top spot over the 20-10 guy.


                  TDM needs: Kills | Deaths | Assists | Kills-Deaths

                  DOM Needs: Captures | Cap Assists | Kills | Assault+Defends | Deaths

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                    6. Re: Scoreboards and Statistics.....what do you want to see?

                    I disagree about Domination. It does not need kills or deaths. Those stats are irrelevant for a game mode like that. Maybe defence kills but that's about it. If you have a scrub sat in a random corner somewhere and nowhere near the objective, not helping their team and just trying to pad their k/d stat then their "stats" shouldn't be on the score board. They should end up bottom of the scoreboard so everybody in the lobby knows they aren't helping their team out.

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                      7. Re: Scoreboards and Statistics.....what do you want to see?

                      I primarily defend and as so I can tell you that only 1 out of every 4 kills I get while defending are listed as a defend on the scorecard. Showing how many kills I have at least tells the team that I'm not just sitting in a corner doing nothing. Deaths are also very relevant. If I see someone who has 10 captures and 40 deaths then I know exactly the type of player they are; Kamikaze moron.

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                        8. Re: Scoreboards and Statistics.....what do you want to see?

                        Scoreboard statistics should be relevant to any objectives within the game mode.  Having deaths displayed on the scoreboard decreases morale and is rather pointless to show.  By decreasing morale, I mean players who feel bad for going extremely negative and/or realizing that others are performing so much better K/D spread-wise.  With a low morale, people will often lose interest in playing (by quitting) and/or will often camp more often in an attempt to regain some lost dignity.  In that regard, I believe the following examples should suffice in describing what I would like to see:


                        • TDM:  Score - Kills - Assists - Streaks (number of kills gained without dying) - Chains (the number of quick, consecutive kills)
                        • Domination: Score - Secure Time (total time spent securing positions) - Captures - Defends - Objective Assists (ie earning kill assists on the objectives and being a part of securing an objective even after death)
                        • Kill Confirmed: Score - Confirms - Denies - Tag Assists (the gold tags that your teammates picked up for you)


                        As for personal stats, I believe overall K/D should be removed, if not, at least private and not view-able by others via leaderboards and pre-game lobbies.  Public K/D stats often produce intimidating results, which follows with a lot of players refusing to play against a stacked team.  In addition, K/D ultimately is the cause of why people don't pursue objectives.


                        ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                          9. Re: Scoreboards and Statistics.....what do you want to see?

                          Kills and deaths are always relevant

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