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    Buy but when?


      Now on ps3 or should i wait few months and buy it on ps4?

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          You should buy Iit closer to the release, I plan to upgrade from 360 to One just because I think its gonna be a better overall game on the next gen consoles.

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            Huh? The games will release at the same time, in NOVEMBER!

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              Hello, this reply is a little late, but I thought I could give you my opinions. Personally,  I am purchashing the game for the PS3 because I cannot afford (and don't want to) pay for a PS subscription, but if you are getting a PS4 before or after the launch of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, I would wait for the purchase. But if you want to play it on launch day, you could EMail Sledgehammer games and ask them if they are going to offer a console transition price (similer to the $9.99 offer that Infinityward offered in Call of Duty: Ghosts). But I highly doubt that offer due to the fact the PS4 has been out for a while. I know that I have been ranting, but I wanted to give my advice on the purchasing of a new console for the new Call of Duty.