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    Is virgin 100/152mb any good ?


      Since the last update ghosts has been very laggy for me. Thursday poor Friday unplayable yesterday started out ok then went crap and last night was on the piss so who knows. I'm on std Bt at the moment and looking at changing to Virgin. Though they are undoubtedly the fastest isp are they any good for COD. Have read up a little but you lot would have better idea thanx in advance.Milo.

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          Just a hunch based on personal experience, but I honestly believe that singular connection quality has little to do with it. It appears to be more of an issue with "magically lucky" connections. For example, I have the fastest internet connection available in this super high-tech city of Austin and my game is only playable when running WiFi. On the other hand, a friend of mine just around the corner uses another provider with a wired connection. I am ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY AT THE DIFFERENCE IN GAMEPLAY when I play on his console while visiting. I swear to you, when playing his console it's almost as if you're momentarily invisible to the enemy with each encounter. This guy is actually terrible in general, but he smashes other players all day long with that advantage.


          The other crazy thing is that we have a mutual friend that works for Sledgehammer and he swears that the worst "dirty little secret" in the world of game developing is that there's really no such thing as a consistently fair connection matchup due to all the variables. His contention is that one player will almost always have an advantage over the other in an average one in one encounter because of the "magic connection".

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              I know where you 're coming from ref wired however got no choice but to go WiFi. Distance is weird aswell I play in both US and eu lobbies and on the whole have better connections in a US lobby. Today was better but lag was in every lobby/game. Most of the lads are from KY not a prob, never get lag in say TN,TX,ILL or AL but NY which is closer it rears its ugly head. In Europe the French always lag the other countries vary.


              Virgin are the fastest isp in the UK, just wanted to know what ppl have got to say on their service.

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              use a wired connection while using ur router it's. Much more stable

              and you still might get lag because it depends on what ur line is and if you are in a good location

              I have a 150 Mbps 4g router and the main office of this internet is only 5 kilometres away which means I will not get a lag

              how far is the location of the office from ur house and where do u live and which line

              i have fibre optic

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                ive never messed with her, and chances are if your asking, shes not a virgin anymore.

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                  i got virgin fibre optic,top speed.........there latest modem is a 4 hard wire,+4 wifi, type,no need for router...i been told they do a higher speed gaming modem ,best to ask em about it..............you may have read my posts on connection to different regions.....yes its good in yank lobbys,keep my mouth shut they dont even know am a brit,if it lags its visual stutter.......french connection i get animation lag,they shoot before you see them shoot........uk full lobbys same as yank lobbys......... arse backwards approach seems to be the thing that helps remove animation lag ,,stupid i know ,streaming live nowtv,looping utube on fone,but it works for me in french connection lobbys........

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                    if you can find a virgin I say go for it!

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                      I had virgin for a few years, and you dont get what they tell you.


                      they have issues with high utilisation.


                      basically they sold more broadband than they have infrastructure. I could download films fast, but the connection was quite unstable. it resulted in a **** cod experience.

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                        Virgin? No they're terrible. Glad I switched over to BT, the equipment is better and we get more for less.

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                          It can vary.  You're best bet is to find somebody in your area who has Virgin and try the game there.


                          Im in London. When i was on Virgin i had a period of smooth sailing. All of a sudden around Xmas it was absolutely awful. Insta-death, clearly behind sync in 90% of games. I did lots of research and i found RS errors in my modem log and packetloss mostly at Virgins hops and especially when joining another network.

                          They told me it was due to a fault which would be fixed in a month. One month passed, they told me it will take another month again and that now it was due to their infamous 'high utilization'. I waited that month and guess what "you're estimated date of completion will be.."  I hung up the phone.

                          I manage to later get some truth out of one operator and it turns out that they had been bought by an American company and had scheduled a date many months later than my estimate to upgrade the existing lines. However, i know how much work that would undertake and the council are currently not allowing them.

                          Not everybody suffers with Virgin hence i reccommend you do some tests. But those who do are constantly lied to and as sdredger pointed out they have sold more subs than their equipment can handle. I know they swap 'cards' around and its my theory that only 50% of their subs are satisfied at one time, then they are swapped over to keep the other half happy. Which would explain how my connection would suddenly go bad.

                          Oh and importantly, aswell as the packetloss there is a fair amount of jitter. There is something about the EuroDOCSIS technology that strains under high utilization. And my area is chock ufll of Virgin subs, which might be something you want to investigate- how many on Virgin in your area.

                          Im now on Plusnet and their connection is amazing as in, really low latency around the world and hardly any jitter and definitely no packetloss. But guess what, this meant i died even faster in Ghosts. I was even able to test the two connections back to back since i had an overlap of a week.

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                            Uk ISPs operate a fair useage policey,selling in speeds that are UP TO xxxspeeds,,,allows them to over subscribe.. high volume,peak times you get less of your xxx speed.      Virgin is a very distance and demand isp,,,given that your .7 miles from the exchange and I'm 23 miles fom mine, yours would be the superior connection,,in high demand times you win again,,,,,     speaking with other virgin users online they too experience the same ,this game,1 lobby,type of lag that i do...

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                              "...never get lag in say TN,TX,ILL or AL but NY which is closer it rears its ugly head."


                              You should just move to Tennessee.  I'll teach you the lingo and you'll be talking just like me in no time!!


                              I'll turn you into a Moosefiddler in under a week!!