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      So in my whole game play of Ghost, I've noticed one thing in particular. I'll knife an enemy right in front of me and one of these will happen 75% of the time.

      1. My knife does nothing and then I get knifed.
      2. My knife again does nothing and I get shot.

      I'm just kinda confused why this happens, and plus when I knife and miss, they're way far away from me and they launch at me and get me, why don't I get that advantage?

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          could try practising against bots to get your timing right?

          also could be your internet connection?

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              I agree to a degree with you whenever I come up on someone and we try to panic knife each other I feel I lose these battles way more than I should. Even if it's not a panic knife I will still get knifed even if I know I should of won and knifed that slippery little bastard. I feel that's internet connection but I'm not to sure bc I'm hardwired in and have good internet do I might contribute to just COD's sh** knifing. I also hate when you Swipe knife as we call it it sucks haha you're to far away to get them and you do this lame knife thing and it happens even when you aren't that far away and you will just miss because if it. Sometimes it works out good though and you just end up knifing the event incredibly fast bypassing alot of the animation.


            BTW the answer is internet sucking for that moment and COD's horrid knife system.

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              I have noticed, since the recent updated, that sometimes I knife and my game glitches out and I end up walking around without a weapon of any kind for a few seconds.  For the most part I think that the knife issues are lag related though. Everyone thinks they should win every panic knife fight. 

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                Panic Knifing mechanic id terrible in this game. I was running around the corner and I ran into an enemy. My controller setup is set for tactical so my right thumb stick is to go prone. I drop shot and sprayed but still got stabbed by the enemy who is standing straight up. Does that make any sense?


                Has anyone try to slash a SAT COM standing up before? It's not that easy. I normally have to crouch to knife it. Shouldn't it be the same for the prone opponent?


                If anything I think they should make knifing slower and more difficult. Like in Metal Gear or Splinter Cell where you have to be sneaky to get a knife kill.

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                    If you arent able to do well against people who are knifing, you should think over your choice to play this game again.. Im running knife only since Bo1 and it was always buggy to knife someone who is prone, you have to collide with the proned body and knife him then, otherwise the knife doesnt count and you get knifed from the guy who is prone. That happens to me multiple times a day but I dont care, because knifing was broken ever since MW3..


                    Put a knifing class with a pistol+tac knife in and try to knife someone in a corner. You'll be surprised how broken it is..


                    They also nerfed the knifing in Ghosts since the animation with the combat knife takes way more time than it was back in Bo2..


                    Laying down with an LMG/SMG/AR in 0.01 seconds doesnt make sense at all too.. You still have a big advantage when it comes to mid/long distances.. Every playstyle has its positives and negatives. Developers shouldnt buff reg guns bc it's way too easy in my opinion..

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                        Let's think about that comment about laying down with a LMG now. You are telling me that you just can't drop to your belly in an instance no matter what your weapon is? Have you ever watch or actually been in a military PT(Physical Training) you have to drop with all your gear in an instance when a signal is given. It becomes a reaction and it does not take that long at all. Now as far as close combat, you knife is not the first choice of weapon, it's your sidearm then your hands. The knife is a choice but most don't reach for it.


                        It's the way the game tries to attempt to compensate for the close range vs a weapon that is ready and able to fire multiple rounds into an opponent. It's to compensate for the math that is calculated with all these numbers. If you were to take the knife out of the game and include the ability to grab an opponent and wrap your hands around his neck and SNAP it. That would be more feasible. Pulling a knife out and stabbing an opponent 10 ft away or lunging at someone who is spraying you with bullets at close range is not so feasible.

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                            They should take the knifing out unless you have the knife equipped and replace the mele' with the ability of striking someone with the butt of your riffle to stun them then shoot them.

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                        What happends to me :


                        1. I knife someone and i get shot.

                        2. I fail to stab and i get shot.

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                          A really crazy thing happened to me once. A maniac with knife & armor trapped me in that match starting spawn area in town on Whiteout. I had no where to go and shooting the maniac was worse than trying to kill a dog, my bullets were just useless. The guy comes running straight for me and I think what the hell, I'm about to die anyway, so, I use tactical as well and I moved my thumb to the knife button. I must have timed it perfectly by accident, I killed the maniac with my knife and I got a nice patch for it!  I did that to a dog once too as he jumped towards me.  I've never been able to repeat either one of those.  LOL

                          My knife skills really suck as a rule and I rarely use it.