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    I'm having no luck in the support forum

      I can play online for about 10-15 minutes then there's a huge lag spike and I'm told the servers are not available. I back out reload the game and I can play perfectly fine for another 10-15 minutes. It's a vicious cycle and occasionally when I get kicked out of a game I'm told I need PS+ in order to play online.


      This has been happening for a could weeks now and it's a random event. Some days I play just fine but other days I can't play at all. I don't have any issues with lag when I am able to play. 

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          Re: I'm having no luck in the support forum

          Join the club m8

          i have had an issue with ghosts messin up blops 2 since november.

          it freezes ghosts & i cant get in for an hour or so-so i load blops 2 & mp freezes

          The silly guide basically tells you to recon the unit which is utter guff!

          How do they know its not a new ps3/4?

          They dont its a randomn guide Based on whether you click the X or O button

          battlefield 4 gran turismo 6 GTA whatever bloody number it is ALL PLAY FLAWLESS

          i - DO NOT USE the blu ray for blu ray films so thats not an issue.How come all these games play fine

          except ghosts & now blops 2(the only  other decent game i have as no ones on the others online anymore)?

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            Re: I'm having no luck in the support forum

            Support has been a bit lacking.  Since around April 24th, anyone (me included) using a sub account on the PS4 cannot play Ghosts - you get an Error 12 message.  While they have responded with the generic support babble, there is no fix in sight.  It seems like more and more people are experiencing issues and there has been a lack of resolutions for the vast majority of issues.  With Advanced Warfare being announced, it seems like Ghosts is getting the shaft and they are milking the last few dollars and cents out of the community with the Micro DLC.  i.e. let's release a pay for item consisting of Snoop Dog running his mouth instead of fixing game breaking issues that actually deny customer access to the game....  Hopefully they will sort the issue out for you, I have little hope of a quick resolution for mine (it's already been 10+ days).

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              Re: I'm having no luck in the support forum

              I had similar issues when I first got my ps4. I can't recall the exact term for it but there is a 'renew' licences option. I did that and not had any problems since. If I remember when I'm on tomorrow I will check and get back to you.

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