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    Hardcore Search And Destroy And More Hardcore Game Modes

      Just wanted to say good luck with Advanced Warfare! I hope the team has taken a look at the Ghosts forums and have read the feedback from the fans....the good, the bad and the ugly.


      COD Ghosts was an awesome single player game story. Best to date for the Call of Duty brand. But as a multiplayer it was by far the worst version to date. I have had very little fun on the way the maps were created created and the lack of Hardcore modes like S&D was a slap in the face to a COD founder who has had an account since day one of Call of Duty.


      I have high hopes this team can recapture the spirit of COD and make it grow. There should be little pressure on you because Ghosts failed that hard.


      Nothing personal but I am not pre-ordering this game until Hardcore Search and Destroy is confirmed to be in the playlist and the maps are opened up for better game play. Don't zap the fun out of the game by telling people they can't get on-top of objects.


      I hope to still be playing COD in the fall but if Hardcore Search and Destroy is gone so am I.


          Thanks for your time!