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    Clan AH ( 360) [US/UK]


      Apocalyptic Harbingers [xAH] is a clan looking to recruit dedicated and loyal players who are willing to lend a helping hand to help the clan grow. AH is a laid back, and easy going clan in which our primary objective is to simply have fun. We also have gold clan tags.AH has a well organized ranking structure in which all new clan members will start off as a recruit however they can receive a promotion by remaining active both in game and our website for about 3 days. They more active you are the more promotions you will receive. Before you consider making AH your home I ask you read below what few rules we require in order to join.


      • Must be at least 15 years
      • Own a headset
      • Be active both in game and website
      • No boosting, hacking, cheating, or glitching
      • Be drama free
      • Must be able to have fun

      We Do not care about K/D's We are a Community of family and friends; Looking for active players that are willing to stay and make us their home.


      (Our Roster is Active and loves spending time together; and chit chatting. we are looking for people who are community orientated.)


      Apocalyptic Harbingers

      Please see our website for more information;

      Or add one of the following.

      Mrs Velius xAH


      Birdkid xAH