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    COD Advanced Warfare is a Step Too Far

      I don't want to seem negative about COD Advanced Warfare but it seems to me that Call Of Duty had lost its focus, for me I enjoyed playing the Call Of Dutys that were based either in the past (World At War, Black Ops) or those that were based during our time (COD4). When I found out MW2 was in the future I was starting to worry as to whether Call Of Duty would ever go back to the way it was, but I was right Call of Duty carried on into the future. MW3 was when my love for Call of Duty had an abrupt end. MW3, Black Ops 2 and Call Of Duty Ghosts was when I stopped playing Call Of Duty and moved to better games such as Battlefield for many different reasons.


      The most important reason was that Call Of Duty was heading into a different direction, from what I gathered Call Of Duty had always been good first-person shooter with a historical context or something we could relate to nowadays. Games such as World At War, COD4 and the first Black Ops were good examples of this. However with the newer games MW3, Black Ops 2 and Call Of Duty Ghosts it seems that Call Of Duty has become more like a HALO and Ghost Recon kinda game which is never was originally and people such as me have turned away from Call Of Duty for this sole reason. We don't like futuristic weapons, its stupid. If I wanted, robots, lasers and all that kind of stuff I would play HALO or Ghost Recon.


      Another reason why Call Of Duty is now terrible is because its the same game every year, unlike other games each new Call of Duty that comes out is the same as the previous game just with a few modifications, new weapons, storyline, characters, branding and renaming some things. Whereas games such as Battlefield bring out games every 2-3 years but they put loads of time and effort in and completely revamp the game brining completely new game mechanics, graphics just everything about BF4 is different from BF3, it feels like a new game. Whereas every Call Of Duty game feels like the previous game. PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME GOOD AT LEAST. Don't make it anything like Black Ops 2 or Call Of Duty Ghosts because the weapons, the multiplayer everything about the online for those games is terrible, no stupid exotic camo's, this is supposed to be a shooter not a fashion show. Make the gameplay more like how it was with MW2, Black Ops 1 that sort of gameplay. Make it so we can throw grenades and run faster. Bigger maps just make everything better, more customization and a big emphasis and support for clans would be great.


      Just to add I also find that the storyline for the most recent Call Of Duty's were not as emotional as the previous Call Of Dutys, I don't feel the same connection with the characters whereas I did with people like Captain Price etc. 


      Anyway advanced warfare could be a good game, but please make it a good game worth buying not just another copy and paste patch up job. Make the storyline good and really work on the multiplayer. I know you have already based this game in the future so I not gonna ask you to change it but just make sure the mechanics and the game feels more like an older Call Of Duty please. And when you make the next Call Of Duty after this can we please move away from this futuristic, special ops group, mercenary sort of agenda and move back to COD traditional roots which is soldiers in battle, either in the past or during our time now.


      RANT OVER.


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          1. Re: COD Advanced Warfare is a Step Too Far

          Couldn't agree more, made all the right points I was wanting to make. thank you.

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            2. Re: COD Advanced Warfare is a Step Too Far

            SO you dont want them to try new things but you don't want them to copy and paste.

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              3. Re: COD Advanced Warfare is a Step Too Far

              So you don't want it to change, but don't want it to stay the same. Sounds legit.

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                4. Re: COD Advanced Warfare is a Step Too Far

                The negativity and Rants is what's gone to far.


                I think they went the right way of doing it so far.

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                  5. Re: COD Advanced Warfare is a Step Too Far

                  MW3 was not futuristic at all. They revolved around the idea of a World War 3, but the game play was still like it is in present day. After all, it was MODERN warfare 3. Same goes for MW2. They wouldn't have made them futuristic with the name MODERN in the name.


                  Also unlike Black Ops 2, Ghosts isn't really futuristic. I think it's perceived as futuristic, but after playing it, it's only slightly. It's kind of a mix with a bit of futuristic equipment and modern game play.


                  I have high hopes for Advanced Warfare, it looks really good but we'll see.


                  Not going to lie though I hope Modern Warfare and World At War make a return at some point in COD.

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                    6. Re: COD Advanced Warfare is a Step Too Far

                    ItsTrue13 wrote:


                    SO you dont want them to try new things but you don't want them to copy and paste.


                    Exactly how I interpreted the OP's thread.


                    It's like they aren't giving the developers options. They try something new, the community isn't impressed but them changing some of the COD formula we've been accustomed to for years. But if they keep to the same formula, the community gives them crap over "copying/pasting" COD.

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                      7. Re: COD Advanced Warfare is a Step Too Far

                      I'd say it's a step in the right direction. COD has been getting stale. The last great COD, IMO, was BO1.

                      I want something new. I don't want another COD4 clone. We've had them for 6 years.

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                        8. Re: COD Advanced Warfare is a Step Too Far

                        I could not agree more. They need to pull the game back not launch it into outer-space. Ghost was a fail and I feel like a sucker for pre-ordering it, not this time. I don't want to play HALO with laser guns, and jump boots in a mech suit. This is the final nail in the coffin for me and mostly everybody who I play with online feels the same way. The game is getting dissed buy the active top players. The COD crew needs to put on their head phones and play Ghosts and ask people what they want, not go jumping the shark X2!


                        COD deserves what it gets a lot of the "still active" player are pissed and so am I. Still don't know what I will switch too but COD is finished.


                          Good-luck playing COD HALO.

                        Last Edited: May 6, 2014 6:39 AM
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                          9. Re: COD Advanced Warfare is a Step Too Far

                          EXACTLY! I do not, and will NOT play Halo. And, if they put this Halo Hop and cloaking garbage into the multiplayer... Well, I guess I will NOT play Call of Duty either. Really do not want to go back to Battlefield, but CoD may force my hand. Please, PLEASE keep your Halo OUT of my Call of Duty.

                          Last Edited: May 5, 2014 8:05 AM
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