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    Whats with all the LOKI's

      had a few hours online today and nearly every game ive played ive come across people with LOKI and endless other killstreaks...


      anyone else notice this?

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          Re: Whats with all the LOKI's

          Played against a guy yesterday who got one everygame, which is possible, but in watching kill cams, this guy knew a bit too much if you know what I mean,,lol

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            Re: Whats with all the LOKI's

            The loki can drop 3 crates that give random kill streaks and it is possible to get another loki from a loki dropped crate. It also drops a juggernaut side kick that protects its owner and can be commanded while using the loki. After the loki ends  it functions as a squad member.


            Loki isn't hard to get , get 10 kill streak and allow the kill streaks pile up the rest. Say get a gryphon and kill 5 players and done,  loki.

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