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    People leaving Extinction games....

      Ok,some get cut offline,some are in the bog or askin thier mothers 2 get them their tea or watching Briana banks make godforsaken noises on some grainy video.


      there used to be a story of leavin games got you put in crap lobbies.Well ALL LOBBIES on extinction are crap (with VERY few exceptions!)

      WTF do people go in a lobby-press ready up-THEN LEAVE FOR? other than to annoy & spoil the game rendering 3 people in a loading game you cant get out of-then the ultimate annoyance "migrating hosts" i stay in game on me todd if i have to,i get bloody further in many games!


      Game count is needed

      missions completed  **

      max relics **

      revives **

      aliens killed **


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          Re: People leaving Extinction games....

          I will tell you what to do. If you follow these instructions, you will escape.

          Take your time. Take your time, oh and take your time. Get a mic on. When you find someone else with a mic that seems to be coherent and not a 5 year old, tell them "hey im going to send you an invite"

          Now two people are looking for two more. Find the third. Tell them the same thing "hey im going to send you an invite.

          I take 10 minutes to get a perfect group. Everyone with mics and willing to work together. if they don't want to work as a team and "know it all, take the 3 left in the party and leave the fourth. go grab another one. Ill say it again take your time

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