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    R3ckless Gaming

      We are r3ckless gaming and looking for new recruits and leaders to join our clan.

      we are an active and friendly but professional clan


      Requirements are

      * you must be active

      * have a mic/ headset

      * be polite no trash talking


      we are currently level 19 in platinum division and are always active in clan wars.

      r3ckless gaming is starting m l g teams on all platforms so if you are interested check out our prfessional web site www.recklessgaming.ca click on apply and fill out an application form and then introduce yourself

      when asked on the form where you heard about r3ckless gaming put on form from R3ck_fatal7ity and then add me


                                                       STAY ACTIVE AND GAME HARD

                                                                       But have fun