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    Who Has a K/D Higher than 1.00 or 2.00?

      I would like to have a party of people who have a high K/D because I was playing HC Dom last night, and I was going 53-8 with 7 captures&10 defends or 43-5 with 5 captures&8 defends while my team mates were all negative with 0-2 captures and 1-3 defends. And, typically, we would lose to the other team who's top player was only 26-24 with 3 captures&2 defends. Don't get me wrong, winning or losing, I don't care about.. but it'd be nice to have a good team once in a while who actually wanna play the game/objective and know how to have fun, rather than leaving the game during the match because the other team is better than they are. I quit games too, though, when I'm put on a team that isn't good and keeps killing me because they're trigger happy, so I'm guilty of that, yes.


      But still.. I would like a party that has a high K/D and can show for it.

      So if you wanna game, post your PSN  and your K/D here, or add me: ChaoticKit-Kat