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    Ghost played it safe. Bring back the crazy.

      I was watching Whiteboy7thst the other day on Youtube, and he brought up some good points. The older CODs were cool because they were fun to play. Black Ops had akimbo shotguns and other crazy stuff like carrying four weapons ( double akimbo ). I think Ghost played it safe this year. IW wanted to give players a predictable way to play. The most viable weapons include the MTar-X and the Honey Badger. With the older CODs, there was variety with the weapons that were useful ( exceptions of course, cough Chicom cough ).


      Here's the link to the video:







      Name of video: "Call of Duty Advance Warfare" Hopes COD AW 2014

      Date of video: 5/6/2014

      Date of retrieval: 5/7/2014


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          Re: Ghost played it safe. Bring back the crazy.

          Hard to imagine they played this safe, they got rid of claymores and introduced IED's, Player customization has made it seem more personal , They didn't involve AC130 , Airstrikes etc.. but introduced AI support , and for the weapons I've noticed a variety now , still players use the favorites, but as for safe I disagree , they tried new things and for the most it sucked , forget crazy bring back some of that old feel to the game ,just update it 

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