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    How does Orville work

      How do you earn points to collect from Orville.

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          It seems to be that you can click on him every 24 hours for a chance to get gold and gems.

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              My son has been trying to collect from Orville for the past three days.  He tries to click on him at least once an hour, but he gets nothing and he is still at 0/10 for the timed water challenge.  There must be something more to get Orville to work because it has been more than 36 hours since my son brought this to my attention because he couldn't figure out what to do.  We have tried summoning dozens of Skylanders, tapping on Orville every 15 minutes, we have moved Orville around to other islands, I don't know what to do next because he is not giving us anything to collect.


              This is very frustrating to have a challenge that only gives you 10 days, but you have to collect from Orville 10 times and he doesn't seem to work, so now my son has been doing all sorts of water missions and spending his diamonds, but there is no possible way for him to complete this challenge.


              If anyone knows what we have to do to get Orville to give us something to collect then I will greatly appreciate the help.  It is too late for us on this timed challenge, but I would like to get it sorted out before the next one.


              Thank you.