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    Ps3 Clan (Digital Control)- Mw3 Recruiting

      1.Must be residing in the UK.
      2.Must have a microphone to communicate.
      3.Must be online a minimum of twice a week, unless you have a valid excuse. ie; holidays, exams, family stuff etc.
      4.Age limit, 16+
      5.If you paricipate in clan events, you are required to play them and train in advance, no exceptions.
      6.No bullying of any clan members. zero tollerance.
      7.Play with clan members where possible, but we understand you have your own friends too.
      8.No cheating, Boosting or Hacking in anyway shape or form.
      9.We respect people like to banter, but keep it as that. Banter. so further, else we will treat it as bullying.
      10.Most importantly. Have fun.

      Games are meant to be a fun pass time so enjoy it and welcome to the clan.

      Anyone who joins the clan is agreeing to these rules, therefore we expect you to repect these rules and follow them. Anyone who breaks any single rule will be given a warning. However if that person breaks a rule again they will be kicked no questions asked. Thank you for complying and have fun.


      Add - WIN_GR33N-LEGAND