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    Matchmaking,Latency,Spawns,Map design

      I already stated this in a previous thread but i think these issues need to be addressed before anything else.


      Some will coincide with the other like map design and spawns.For instance medium to big maps should have safe spawn points and not like what was in ghosts,that revenge spawn needs to go as many will agree.The spawns on smaller maps would probably flip quite often depending on the game mode.


      Matchmaking has been a problem for quite some time.Maybe if they have certain level players even out on both sides would be fairest.As for clans i personally would like a separate game mode for them,reason being its not quite fair having a good clan vs a bunch of low level players.Maybe you guys could come up with something better?


      Map design should be kept to small,medium and large that way everyone is happy and nobody is complaining about the size of the maps.Now i would like to see a reduction in the amount of pathways that have crept into the game,there is just too many of them,its impossible to cover 4 or 5 different ways.Less clutter and more open space would be nice too.


      Latency is another big problem at the moment.Now i am not the best on this topic but i think pre mw2 was pretty good so if they could go back to that,might solve some problems.Maybe some of the regs on here can come up with good ideas for that.


      I don't want this thread turning into a war so if people could be mature and friendly. Thank you

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          Re: Matchmaking,Latency,Spawns,Map design

          I thought lag was a great in Ghosts. It had it's moments but nothing is perfect. Ghosts came real close though. Kudos to them for overcoming the last few years. Certainly they should always look to make it better but I'm happy with what Ghosts brought to the table.


          I'm always critical of maps though. They're underappreciated in terms of importance. So many game mechanics are directly effected by map design. It's tough to do but that's why Call of Duty costs $60 with another $60 in DLC. They need to really think long and hard about how the map will play. There's so much riding on them.

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              Re: Matchmaking,Latency,Spawns,Map design

              Yes maps have been an issue for me since after blops1,that game had some of the best all rounded maps in the franchise,since then things have gone downhill fast.They started making the maps much smaller and full of clutter,then when ghosts makes the maps a normal size again people thought they were too big.A lot of people don't understand how important maps are to the game in terms of spawns and gameplay.

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              Re: Matchmaking,Latency,Spawns,Map design

              I definitely agree that maps have gone downhill since BO1. I think there were only 2 maps in that game that I didn't like.


              MW2 had the best connectivity of any COD. It's still great now.


              I think the spawn system is probably my single biggest issue with COD at the moment. It's been broken for a while and just leads to some frustrating games.

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                Re: Matchmaking,Latency,Spawns,Map design

                just look at what ghost did and don't do any of that. Bring maps like MW2 of Black Ops 2

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                  Re: Matchmaking,Latency,Spawns,Map design

                  I totally agree with the latency. Though it can become more of a problem when the matchmaking that initially takes place to find you a lobby has too much criteria in place. Matchmaking should take place (in part) based off hosts with the lowest ping searching or in a lobby, then you connect to them based off of your/my ping. Then a best host based off of the lowest ping in the lobby. I don't want any of this skill crap involved in search matchmaking.


                  Indeed you are right on with the Clan only lobby. Though people won't use it. Matchmaking based on match stats should be even split. Not giving one person who was 1st or 2nd in the lobby the crappiest players.

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