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    Anyone else sick of getting killed by snipers who don't aim and don't appear to hit you!

      As an avid target shooter of many years I took pride in taking that sighting that rifle taking the breathe and firing - the end result being that you hit your target. (hopefully near the centre)


      Now as I continue to play COD black ops 2 I have a no hoper who quick scopes, and fire off city rounds seeming to kill anyone who is remotely in the vicinity. At least in the earlier versions of the game at least this action resulted in a miss. Now it just adds up to massive kills for the punks who camp in the buildings.


      Why have a "realistic " game if you can run around with a 12kg sniper rifle and snap fire a couple of hundred metres away!.


      It has gotten worse as the game has been out a while now and it appears that everyone is just chasing KD. What fun domination is when you have some !*^#!!%#^%^⁄™ who ends up with 45 - 0 with 0 captures .


      Maybe the team at Treyarch and activation can make it a little more realistic and not reward this behaviour.