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      i am at prestige 10 level 60 but my prestige emblem just turned in a square ? any help

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          The only time I've seen the grey square is usually when someone hacks to get 10th prestige, other than that I haven't heard of someone getting it
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            I honestly dont know, I would say try posting on the forums for Activision if you cant get in touch with them directly and a moderator may be able to help

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              someone claimed to have acquired the cheaters emblem through no fault of their own the other day.

              try clicking the support link, I hear that they are pretty good at dealing with legit problems. if you have cheated and are trying to blag them then dont bother as they know. come back and let us konw though, as we as a community like to come together to laugh at liars/cheaters, and support/praise legit players.

              either way let us know

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                try restarting your ps3 or like delete your ps3 ghosts multiplayer save thing at your online save storage 

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                    i have been playing COD for five years now and i can say i am very good player , i love call of duty its lots of fun to me , my K\D in ghost is 1.8 and my win\lose r is 0.6 i have been playing ghost since it came out and i play it every day , i can say it takes 10 to 15 days for me to prestige , and i have reached 10 prestige like a month ago and i don't need to cheat cuz i am already are prestige 10  , my KD is normal my WL ratio is normal never cheated and never used hack , and what happened today i was playing and at the end of the game it went back to the play online screen and message box ( lost connection to the host ) and my prestige icon turned into green square , and i am trying to contact activations and i will tell them that they can check all my previous games and i hope that they will help me .

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                    Took me three days to figure out how to get support.

                    I had to twitter them.