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    Looking for good Hardcore players

      Typically I'd ask for a player with a good K/D that can show for it (maybe 1.00+). I play Hardcore Domination, and I'd like to have a good party that can capture flags and hold down the fort. My K/D is 1.50, and I typically go for over 5 captures a game with over 5 defends. I just don't like getting into a game with a team that treats DOM like TDM and doesn't go after flags even though they end up going negative when the game ends or they end up rage quitting..


      So if you have a good K/D and can show for it, and you play Hardcore, of course, add me: ChaoticKit-Kat


      I don't play core unless it's Search&Destroy with my friends. (I usually play Hardcore Search&Destroy though).