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    Ideas for Infinity Ward to include in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

      Infinity Ward should add some more game modes into the game I've heard rumours of a new game mode been added soon called "Reinforce" but they should add game modes like CTF (Capture the Flag), Ground War etc... as I know many players who enjoyed these game modes on past Call of Duty games. also add some more things to your Squads Mode such as allow players to complete Challenges/Operations and unlock items from Multiplayer on Squads or have their own special unlocks and also add some new game modes to the playlist so then it incourages more players to play squads mode. Also theres a few weapons in Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer that hardly have many attachments for e.g. "The Ripper" add some more attachments such a different scopes etc... and last but not least you should bring back the Perstige shop you had in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. as it would be good to use that in Call of Duty: Ghosts. as for DLC Map Packs, well with me being a fan of Call of Duty since 2003 I've seen different Unique styles when it comes to Multiplayer Designs for COD. and i think you should bring back a Modern Warfare 1 Map on "Invasion" DLC and bring back a Call of Duty: 2 Map on "Nemesis" DLC.


      also release more Custimozation Packs including more Weapon Camos, Voice Packs from people like (Eminem etc..) as for Special Characters you should have the actors who orignally play them characters to do there voices in Multplayer as i think that would be good.


      I have some many more ideas that could be good for future development in Call of Duty and i'd be happy to share more ideas. other than that please continue making Call of Duty for Current Generation Consoles aswell as Next Gen

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          Re: Ideas for Infinity Ward to include in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

          they should replace dropzone and team tac and clan vs clan tdm and add


          Team Objective:  Which consists of  demoliton, dropzone, headquarters, and ctf


          Heavy Duty (a boy can dream)


          Make ground war the standard all games 9v9


          and add a new gamemode hopefully that dom/search hybrid

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            Re: Ideas for Infinity Ward to include in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

            Ground War is available on X1/PS4, it's not on 360/PS3 because of the amount of character customisation that was added.

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              Re: Ideas for Infinity Ward to include in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

              That is a brilliant idea you have, mate!

              I'm pretty sure the team would love to know about that!

              Keep posting and we'll never know, maybe your suggestion will be granted in the future.

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                Re: Ideas for Infinity Ward to include in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

                Call of Duty: Ghosts should Extend the Multiplayer Prestige to 15 or 20 that way players can enjoy the Multiplayer Experience even more, and if they extend it that way Infinity Ward can release more Special Characters and Customization Packs and players will be able to use all of them instead of having limit to what they can choose. also how about special weapon packs as part of DLC Content such as re-defined weapons from the Modern Warfare Series like the Scar H, Intervention Sniper Rifle etc... also for the special characters that are added into Multiplayer Infinity Ward show have the correct voices for the characters as it would be cool to use Captain Price in Multiplayer with his actual voice instead of some random voice. Ive got plenty of great ideas that Im always willing to share @ArronCooper1994 or Arron Cooper (Gametag) for Xbox 360 if you want know more ideas feel free to add me and if you do message me tell me that your from Callofduty.com and i'll accept

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