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    Xbox 360/One | SoLow | Accepting New Members! Join Now! No KDR Discrimination! Gold Clan Tag! Platinum Division!



      Due to the hardwork by our clan members, SoLow is now a gold clan tag clan in a whopping 6 days! This proves a lot about our dedication! We are growing everyday and got 2nd place in our latest Platinum war (yes, that was our first division) and we are getting better! Join now for a better clan experience!


      Hey! In December 2013 (Yes, this clan is experienced), we created a clan called SoLow. It was led for a very long time by one leader and then got shifted to another leader who went AWOL. It was a level 25 clan that was massively successful. However, because our leader went AWOL we faced issues. Nevertheless, a few faithful got together and we have rebooted the clan. I am iChatX, a Lt. Commander who is responsible for website management. I will quit the talking and list a few reasons as to why you should join us in bullet points. Trust me, it is great!


      • We have experienced staff. Our staff have been running clans for a very long time and we know what players want.
      • We are highly professional but like to have a little bit of fun. We will respect everyone and we are here to have a little fun right? We got it all here!
      • We have a developed, functional website. This site contains a vibrant forum that will cater to your needs when away from the console. It also coordinates news, events and more!
      • We do not discriminate against members. It doesn't matter if you are from Asia, Europe or the Americas. It doesn't matter if you are female or male (One of our Lt. Commanders is female!) and it doesn't matter if your KDR isn't up to the mark! We ask that you are active and we take care of you and provide a great, fun and vibrant clan community. Moreover, we do not care if you are 7 or 70, we just want you to be a mature player.
      • We have great plans. We will expand, provide Xbox One clans and maybe one day, cross-console clans. It will be fun!
      • Events within the clan. This includes tournaments and competitive gaming events.
      • Competitive gaming clans. Once the main clan is stabilized, we will create competitive clans that will have everyone enjoy the game more and we will be able to cater to all types of players. Casual and competitive alike!

      What are you waiting for? Join us today and follow our recruitment steps. To start, please read the homepage and read the instructions and then click the blue 'Sign-Up' button. Then, you'll need to register and wait for a staff member to approve you (never more than 5 hours) and then you're in!