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      So they buff these weapons, then a month later nerf them....
      I'm confused...

      Guess everyone goes back to spamming the Mtar again..lol


      May 13, 2014


      • Reduced headshot multiplier: No longer allow for 1 body, 1 head shot kills.
      • Max and Min damage range reduced.
      • Slight increase to kick.
      • CBJMS
        • Max and Min damage range reduced.
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          then r try to force player 2 use other weapon so player don't use all same weapon all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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            I don't really question it too much. I think they over-adjusted and the metrics reflected that, so they tweaked them again.

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              They over buffed the Bizon. It was goofy good with muzzle break and extended mags. Two shots at medium distance if one was a headshot.

              I understand that the M-Tar and Remington are extremely good, but instead of buffing the rest of the guns in the game to better match them, why not nerf them? Doesn't the community already comlain about the low health in Ghosts?


              I think a lot of the nerfing and buffing of the SMG's (and lack thereof of the M-Tar and Remington) has a lot to do with the competitive CoD community. JMO. I didn't really see a huge problem with them in pubs. It was nice seeing people using something other than the M-Tar and Remington. I mean, I'm one of them. No sense in using a gun that can't compete with everyone else in the lobby.

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                  The Bizon 'nerf' I can understand, they made it too good, but why rework the cbmj?  It was at least a viable weapon to use there for awhile, I don't think it needed reworking
                  just my opinion

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                  the mtar had been nerfed not too aweful long ago but the only gun that remains in the shadows that has been reworked multiple times here in the last 2 months is the vepr. but i agree about the cbj i think it should have been left alone.