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    Windows 8.1 and Devastation DLC

      I bought Devastation DLC a few days ago and have found it to be very unstable. I'm constantly getting crashes, sometimes so bad that I can't even get to Task Manager to kill it. The symptom is the screen goes blank and, occasionally Windows issues the usual not working message, then it terminates. I've been playing Ghosts now for several weeks and have not seen this problem until now. Just wondering if anyone else on these forums also has this issue.


      My system is Win 8.1 64 bit, Intel i7-4770K, 8GB RAM, Radeon R9 290 4GB video card. I have all my settings set to max and they work fine with Campaign mode, plus multi-player and online. The only exception is Devastation. I was able to play Devastation in Free-For-All on all 4 maps and that all worked OK. It only seems to happen when playing Devastation Wargame.

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          Re: Windows 8.1 and Devastation DLC

          Ever since the 5/13/14 patch I've been having similar issues. I'm lucky if I can get more than one round in before it locks up tighter than a drum and I have to fight to get the Task Manager up to kill it. When I do kill Ghosts it takes Steam down with it. I'm running Windows 8.1 64bit, AMD FX-4170 4GHz, 8GB RAM and an nVidia GTX 760. Was running smooth as silk previously.

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              Re: Windows 8.1 and Devastation DLC



              That's very interesting. I wasn't aware there was also a patch released May 13. I have noticed that my gameplay has been getting some hiccups recently, though, which have been rare. Occasionally, I get a slight freeze, especially when switching to sights. There are so many variables with online gaming, though, so it's hard to pin anything down. Everything starting with your own computer's performance, your internet connection, and the servers where the games are hosted are all contributing factors.


              UPDATE: Was playing Squad Assault and a couple of the rounds picked a Devastation map for the first time. This is not the same as choosing Devastation from the menu. The first time through on the Ruins map it went fine with no problems. A few rounds later the Devastation Ruins map was chosen again and part way through, it crashed. I was able to get out of the crash by signing out from the Task Manager menu. Once it completed the sign out process, I logged back in. This at least saved me a reboot.


              So far, everything's still pointing to the Devastation maps for my crashes. I don't get them otherwise.

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                Re: Windows 8.1 and Devastation DLC

                Same problem here. No PC changes only added DLC.

                COD Ghost screen freezes random all maps.

                With Ghost en 2 separate DLC's

                Since last DLC PC screen freeze


                Windows 8.1

                Core I7 3820, 16Gb, MSI GTX780 OC Gaming


                Shame! maybe last time i buy COD game.


                I now try lower effects....

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                    Re: Windows 8.1 and Devastation DLC

                    After change "Screen Space ambient occlusion" other then "High" problem seems solved 4 me.

                    Maybe combination Nvidia Driver and COD Ghost patch.

                    My Nvidia driver is: 335.23


                    Nope that wasn't the solution.


                    Nvidia driver 3D settings

                    - Multi Display/mixed GPU acceleration->Single display performace mode

                    - Power managment mode ->Prefer maximum performance


                    Did the trick 4 me.

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                        Re: Windows 8.1 and Devastation DLC

                        I think I have the same problem here. Ever since the May 13th devastation map pack/update the entire game is unplayable. When it works, it works very well, but you'll suddenly notice a glitch around 5-25 minutes into a game, then everything stops moving completely. It remains in that locked state for 2-3 minutes, then crashes. I am using an apple wireless keyboard, and haven't gotten ctrl-alt-del to work on it (it doesn't have a delete key) so can't say if that would allow me to exit after the crash. Windows event log points to steamclientservice.exe as the culprit...


                        My system, I believe, is more than capable of playing this game. In game cpu temp is ~45C @ ~20% utilization, GPU maxes at 60C (usually 55 or so) @~95% utilization. Memory usage is only ~30%.


                        Computer specs are:

                        i5 4670k @ 4.5Ghz @1.224v core

                        MSI R9 270X @1185Mhz & 1500Mhz Memory

                        16Gb Mushkin DDR3 @2133Mhz

                        OCZ Vertex III 110Gb

                        Asus Z87-A MB

                        Windows 8.1x64 - Latest Updates

                        Windows Defender for AV (Also manually initiate Spybot/Malwarebytes - but never during gaming)

                        Also updated all other drivers to latest


                        I only game in 1080p (living room PC) using an Xbox controller with the microsoft receiver, and see between 25-60fps on ultra settings. Freezes occur at all temps and framerates. I have already tried updating to the latest beta graphics drivers, setting all graphics setting to off or lowest setting, removing steam overlay and msi afterburner/riva tuner OSDs, verifying game cache integrity, updating steam to latest beta, going through the steam client service repair process (as noted in the link another poster provided above) and other things I can't recall at the moment.


                        Very frustrating, as it takes so long to determine if something worked or not and I am really annoying people on extinction (just when it starts to get fun I crash and leave the other 3 to finish).


                        I'll keep an eye on this thread, as it seems to be one of the few documenting similar problems I am having, very little information out there about this one...




                        Okay, so I have just managed to play two glitch/crash free hours tonight; I think the problem has been resolved, although I can't be completely sure yet. In my case, what finally seemed to fix it was deleting all files in my steam folder, besides the steamapps folder and steam.exe, running steam.exe, then running a repair of the steam client (using this command, including quotation marks, in an admin command prompt: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\bin\SteamService.exe" /repair).


                        I was led to this solution on a steam forum (can't recall link at the moment) through searching for "steam client service crashing," which I knew was happening because of windows event log entries pointing to that file crashing when COD would crash. Deleting all of the files in the steam "program files" folder followed by running of the steam.exe forces a redownload of all the deleted files, fixing your issue if it was indeed corruption of one of those files. I'm not sure if the steam client service repair and reboot afterwards were really necessary, but I wanted to be thorough. The download was only about 80mb, all games were kept and save data was fine too.


                        Hope this works for some of you.

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                            Re: Windows 8.1 and Devastation DLC

                            I was having more problems with games freezing part way in yesterday and noticed a couple of things. When I managed to get to the Task Manager, the Windows (Win 8.1 64 bit) Problem Reporter was doing a huge amount of I/O activity. My hard drive was running more or less flat out, which is when the freezing started. Ghosts itself was also doing lots of I/O activity, even though I had cancelled it and Task Manager reported it was not responding. Steam was also doing lots of I/O. It seems like all this started with either Ghosts or Steam crashing. In one instance, I also got the message Vrserver has stopped working, which has something to do with Steam. I have set my Windows Action Center options never to report problems, which was a tip I found on a Google search. Once Action Center finds a problem, it starts all the I/O activity, presumably creating a dump file of some kind. I don't know if that will help the situation, but Ghosts ran fine again after I rebooted to get out of the crash mess.

                            EDIT: I should add that the freezing problem had nothing to do with Devastation. I occasionally get a Devastation map when playing Squad Assault and I haven't had an issue lately. There's been at least a couple of software updates since I started this thread, though. The version number shows up in the lower right hand corner of the menu screen.

                            UPDATE: Found another tip on Google about disabling Vrserver in Steam. A lot of people are reporting Vrserver not working messages even though they don't knowingly use it. I'm not clear on what it even does, but it has something to do with Oculus VR (Virtual Reality) and 3D headphones. I think Steam/Valve partnered with Oculus a while ago and, in March, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook announced here https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10101319050523971 that it's buying the company. Also, many are reporting that Vrserver causes issues when they plug in USB devices like a mouse or headphones. Users have either renamed the Vrserver.exe file or deleted the Steam/vr directory. I deleted the directory yesterday and played Ghosts for a couple of hours and I had no issues whatsoever.



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