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    Free Agent [360] Will Play in Clan Wars



      I'm looking for a clan to join. The last clan I was in, hardly anyone is active, and I was mostly the only one playing during Clan Wars (On 360)... I'm looking for a clan that I can call my home. I am very loyal, however, I won't tolerate if you are a clan with a lot of inactive people. I know my K/D isn't high (.70) but I am improving each day. I also do not have a mic, but I do wear a headset. I'm a casual gamer, but when it comes to Clan Wars, I am a bit competitive and will play. I usually play every night for a couple hours since it is summer time. I do know how to do graphic design, and websites so, if I am needed for some skills, I can provide them. I will not, however, just do things up and for free. The last clan I feel, was trying to take advantage of me and kept over and over asking me if I was doing the website, rather then asking me if I could play (This was during clan wars as well). I don't know what else to say but I'm hoping that I can find my home soon!




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